Kabir Singh Movie Review: Shahid gives an impeccable performance but the length of movie hurts


Kabir Singh Movie Review: A Saga of Intense  Love and HeartBreak!!!


Kabir Singh is the remake of Arjun Reddy which sees its lead character Kabir Singh going towards the path of self-destruction after the love of his life is forced to marry someone else. The story is about Kabir Singh’s obsession for his girlfriend Preeti for whom the short-tempered surgeon can go beyond his limits. Can Kabir find his love back or he can get over his obsession and move on?

Shahid Kapoor does extremely well as a psycho-short tempered lover Kabir Singh, but somewhere fails to deliver the image of a college boy.  20 minutes in the film and the college live of Kabir Singh kicks in. The film gets slow but the medical student keeps us hooked with solid organic one-liners at times. The story is simple but still keeps you hooked to know more. The direction of Sandeep Reddy Vanga excels.

Neither Kiara (Preeti) has enough screen space nor has she done her role with conviction. On her defence, she has hardly been given dialogues. She looks sluggish and so does the screenplay of the movie. The film looks too stretched and could have been made at least 30 minutes short. The film keeps you interested in the three quarters,  but the final quarter had a lot of scenes which could have been cut.

While watching the film, heard people sitting alongside saying “Aakhir Kab Khatam Hogi Film” several times.

Shahid Kapoor is the driving force of the film

Shahid Kapoor is the driving force of the film who has nailed every portion. His anger, intense love, and heartbreak all were at point.  It would be too early to call Kabir Singh as best performance but it will definitely rank with the likes of “Haider”, “Kaminey” and “Udta Punjab”. We won’t be surprised if Shahid gets nominated for awards in lead actor categories.

The romance between Shahid and Kiara is adorable but bromance of Kabir with his best friend Shiva (Soham Majumdar) overpowers their romance. The character of Shahid isn’t there to be idolized. He is an alcoholic, chain-smoker takes drugs and loses his temper easily.

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The film has a lot of sexism and misogyny which doesn’t make it a movie to watch with your family.

Cinematography is good, dialogues are relatable and hilarious at times, the songs of the movie are already topping the list of chartbusters,  and they have been placed strategically too. Background score is not up to the mark and fails to establish the right emotion at times. Sanjeev, who also directed the Arjun Reddy almost recreates Arjun Reddy which is debatable (If it is good or bad) but editing fails miserably.

If You want to see a solid lover who doesn’t give up easy and impeccable acting of Shahid, then go watch it. Don’t go if you are looking for a Shah Rukh Khan kind of romance and 2h 55m is lot for you.

We are going with 3 stars out of five (half star extra only for Shahid’s performance)

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