Kabir says learn the language of Love to learn the secret of the Universe

Kabir says learn the language of Love to learn the secret of the Universe

Kabir, a saint and philosopher, who lived in Veranasi in the 1500s is known for his couplets of wisdom.



One such couplet says:

“Pothi padi padi jag mua, pandit bhaya nk koi,
Dhai aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoi.”

Meaning that people have spent their entire lives reading books, trying to understand the secrets of the Universe, of God, but have not understood anything.

According to Saint Kabir, those who just learn the word “Love” have understood the whole universe.

This is so true, because the underlying energy, and language of God, and the Universe is pure, unadulterated, unconditional love. A love, not tainted by desires hungers, judgement, or any other emotion. This is the love that God feels for us all, regardless of our individual belief systems, our professions, our genders, our orientation, or what have you. In fact for every particle of the Universe.

God loves us all equally, and unconditionally.

By not only learning this language, but using it in our daily existance, in all aspects, raises our vibrations to higher and higher frequencies, dissolving the veils of mystery and ignorance from our lives.

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