Junk Food is Harmful for your Child

Junk Food is Harmful for your Child


Chips, lollies, pizzas, burgers, etc. are simply irresistible with kids. Fast food or junk food can retard your toddler’s performance in future years.


Recent scientific research has revealed that child’s performance at school is largely dependent up on what he/ she eats before coming to school, rather than what he eats during school recess. The effects of junk food are not only immediate but are also seen even up to seven years. Not only their physical development is hampered but their mental comprehending abilities are also adversely affected.


Junk Food is Harmful for your Child



The research was known as Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children an involved about 14,000 children born during 1991-92.


Key Findings:

The important findings of the study were that the children who ate more fast food or processed food, fat, salt and sugar made slow progress at school in contrast to those who ate healthy and nutritious food.


Children consuming junk foods are more prone to eat the following foodstuffs:

•       Fried chips

•       Crispy coated chicken or turkey

•       Crisps

•       Cake

•       Ice cream

•       Chocolate coated biscuits

•       Chocolate bars

•       Cola or other fizzy drinks

•       Ice lollies

•       Biscuits

•       Sweets

•       Sausages or burgers

•       Pizza

Junk food has an addictive effect with small children but it is the duty of the parents to refrain their toddlers away from such unhealthy food. Teach them the relevance of healthy food and the harmful effects caused by junk food.


No Need to Panic:

If you notice that your child is eating junk food, the first and foremost thing you should do is not to panic. Be patient even the healthiest kids sometimes eat junk unhealthy food.

Here are some important points to help you divert your child’s attention towards junk food:

•       Avoid eating outside as this way your toddler will learn the significance of eating healthy homemade food.

•       Try to know the likes and dislikes of your child and prepare his/her favorite food. Make healthy colorful salads.

•       You can make popcorns, ice lollies and healthy sandwiches at home and eat together with your kid.

•       Pamper your child by eating together and making rich arrangements.

•       Make fruit salads and play table games with your child while eating together.

•       Do not change everything in your child’s diet, change one thing at a time.

•       Share your child’s meal.


Healthy Options:

Instead of chips you can try crispy coated turkey or chicken, fried strips of fresh chicken, make chicken nuggets, etc. they are instant hit with kids.


Regularly eating junk food can cause obesity, low self-esteem, chronic ailment, growth retardation, depression, lack of concentration, etc.


Good health stems by eating healthy nutritive food and promotes and nurtures your child’s adequate development. Let your child eat healthy food so that they can enjoy good health both mental and physical.


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