Tarot Readings by Poonam Sharma From June 1 to June 7


Tarot Readings by Poonam Sharma From June 1 to June 7

New opportunities will knock at your door. You have mental clarity and intellectual ability and  you have the ability to concentrate. You may get good news or letter that you have been long waiting for.
You are holding onto past issues or people or situations. Let go off the past issues that are pending. This will help you release any feeling of insecurity. It is also indicated that you are reluctant to change and hence reluctant to progress.
It is time to reap the fruits of hard work. Success is round the corner, So cheer up! This is the time to manifest your goals and ambitions.
You might face disappointment. Are you tired of working non stop!! Gather all your strength and courage, if you want a smooth transitioning through this period and do not want to be left out for feel lonely or abandoned. Travel is on cards.
You have Angels showing you the way forward, guiding you to the path of success. You will try to understand yourself. You are about begin connecting to yourself, trying not interact with other people.
All round success is indicated. Travel is on cards. It is time to  enter and experience a new world all together. You have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Hard work always pays,  so celebrate your achievements.
Half the battle is over. If you are feeling drained out and you feel like quitting then give it a second thought,  for success is just around the corner. Gather all your strength and learn from your past failures or mistakes and hit the iron while it is still hot.
Go with your gut feeling. Carefully analyse your dreams and the signals the universe is sending you. Work with creativity this week.
Self discipline and using your mind over heart is the key to success this week. People trust you for the  responsibilities you take on, don’t break their trust.
Business and money situations shows up. Good news is on the way. Do the groundwork with dedication and diligence to achieve long term goals.
Be happy! your wishes are coming true this week. Bad times are gone and it is now time to be happy joyful and celebrate your manifestations. You will be able to accomplish anything you have on your mind.
You are feeling positive, motivated and free. This week will make you experience calmness, for mental spiritual and emotional issues seem to have faded out and you are ready to embrace what the future holds for you. Your creativity is at its best this week.

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