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Why once in a week you should experience ‘The Joy of Doing Nothing’

The Joy of Doing Nothing Teach us Jahan Ho Wahi Ka Maza Lo!


  • The Joy of Doing Nothing- Concept
  • How can it make you a Happier Person?

Have you ever heard “Dolce far Niente”?  Well, it is an Italian Phrase which means – ‘The Sweetness of Doing Nothing’!  It doesn’t not mean being lazy, it refers to the pleasure that one draws from being idle. To simply put, it means the ability to completely enjoy a moment. In the era of hustle culture, where taking a break from work makes us feel guilty, doing nothing can be a big thing for many. Talking about India, people hardly take breaks for themselves. They are constantly with the idea that Longer Working Hours = More Productivity.

A new report by International Labour Organization released in February 2021 revealed that India ranks 5th  in the world among countries with long working hours, often stretching upto 48 hours a week.

Joy of Doing Nothing

Another shocking revelation that the study made was that Indians spent less than one –tenth of time in a day for leisure, especially women get far less time for leisure than men. We are constantly working or planning for the coming days.  In fact, a lot of times we check our emails or watch a series on Netflix in our leisure time but have you ever tried doing nothing for an entire day? In countries like Italy, people follow this habit like a religion.

Every week, they take out time to experience the sweetness of doing nothing. Italians embrace this concept and something they do very well.  For example – Spending time with friends, sipping wine at sunset or just even sleeping.

Doing nothing for a day can be hard but it can be relaxing.  Do you remember the time when you were stuck in the Pandemic?  We all enjoyed the pleasure of being at home and sometimes doing nothing. Finding pleasure in doing nothing for the entire day can be quite relaxing.

Joy of Doing Nothing

Doing ‘Nothing’ is not a Waste of Time

A user on Quora explained that a lot of time people think doing nothing means waste of time. Well, that’s not right.  Doing nothing means attracting something in your experience. Make Sure, you do nothing well. It doesn’t mean restricting yourself from thinking. It simply means that you are so free that you think. It’s the calmness.

Joy of Doing Nothing

Why does it feel so amazing?

If you have never tried it, this concept might sound alien to you. But people who practice it once a week or atleast once a month have revealed that it feels amazing. Here are a few things that they have shared from their experience.

1.       It’s the only time when their mind is free

2.      Sometimes it’s good to do nothing rather than being busy doing nothing.

3.      A lot of times doing nothing brings clarity in life.

4.      It is mentally refreshing.

How can you practice? Take one step at a time

Experts believe that it can be challenging for many people as we develop a habit of doing something or other else we will be ‘Unproductive’. In that case, developing the habit of doing nothing can take time. We have listed out some ways to practice it. Read it ASAP, try it and thank us later for suggesting.

Note: Take one step at a time. Do not compromise on your important tasks if you have lined up any.

  1. Revisit Naptime : Research has shown that nap is not just for the toddlers. It is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. A daily snooze can lower the risk of heart attack and stress levels.  It is a great way to heal. You can take it anywhere. For example – Go to a park, close your eyes – Smell the grass and listen to birds.

 2. Say Bye – Bye to Guilt

We live in a society full of planners, producers and consumers. No matter what you do, someone will always be more successful than you.  To compete with others, do not drain yourself.  Get rid of your guilt and remind yourself that you are doing your best.

Read Book : The sweetness of doing nothing 

3. Cultivate your Creativity

Cultivate your creativity. Draw a picture, write a poem, practice guitar or try a new recipe. Taking out time for things that you love doing. This will give you a break from your mundane routine and will boost your productivity as well.

4 .Lastly, disconnect from social media. Do not use Facebook, Instagram or any other social media app for a day and you will notice the difference. If disconnecting entirely for a day seems impossible, then try taking baby steps. Turn off your devices at least 1 hour before you go to sleep, enjoy your coffee everyday in the morning without your phone.

Try Doing Nothing this weekend!  Happy weekend to you all!

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