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“Nick and I are expecting…..” Priyanka Chopra’s shocking revelations at Jonas Brothers Family Roast

Priyanka flexed her comic side at Jonas Brothers Family Roast

Ever since Priyanka Chopra drops Jonas’s surname from her social media account, their separation rumors are on fire. However, Prick’s fans breathed a sigh of relief when Priyanka shared some clipping of her roasting her husband from Jonas Brothers Family Roast. 

The show Jonas Brothers Family Roast is making headlines after Priyanka served a taste of roast to the Jonas brothers. Kennan Thompson hosts the show aired on Netflix and the episode revolves around Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. They were accompanied by their partners, Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Their father Paul Kevin Jonas was also present at the show. 

However, all heads were turned when Priyanka took over the stage. From making pregnancy jokes to addressing the age gap between Nick and her, Priyanka flexed her comic side and sense of roasting. Have a look.

Nick and I are expecting…..!

Yes! You heard it right. At the stage of Jonas Brothers Family Roast, Chopra comes up with a fun announcement. Before you rush to any conclusions, Prick is not expecting a baby, but the actress did manage to make everybody’s heart skip for a second including Nick. “We are the only couple who does not have kids yet. Which is why I am excited to make this announcement, sorry babe, Nick and I are expecting… to be drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow”, she said as the audience burst out laughing.

After Priyanka jokingly mentioned her pregnancy, Nick’s stunned expression was undeniably one of the most priceless moments from the show. Clearly, he was not expecting this coming.

Age gap with Nick

This is one such topic, Prick gets tolled for a lot. Addressing their 10 years age gap, Priyanka said, “There are  many 90s pop in culture references he does not understand and I have to explain it to him. He showed me how to use Tik Tok for example, you know, and I showed him what a successful acting career looks like ”, making it a mic drop moment. However, she did not stop here. 

Priyanka Chopra is the most famous Jonas!

Priyanka also took shots at the Jonas brothers as a team. She starts by calling them cute for being on Instagram. She continued to say that even though they are posting all the time, they still have fewer followers than me.” Not even all three Jonas brothers together have the total number of followers that Priyanka individually has on Instagram. And it’s a fact guys, we literally calculated it. She then proudly declared herself the most famous Jonas. 

Prick’s marriage- a publicity stunt!

Priyanka uninhibitedly talked about the backlash she faced after they (Priyanka and Nick) got married. Most of the people called their wedding a mere publicity stunt. 

However, Priyanka clarified that this could not be a publicity stunt as she, “did not even know who Nick Jonas was.” She just knew that he was Kevin’s younger brother. 

Wrapping it all up, Priyanka confessed her love to Nick but not without a punchline. “I would not want to babysit, I mean to be married to someone else,” she said as Nick walked from his seat to give her a kiss and hug. 

 If you also do not want to miss Jonas Brothers Family Roast, then treat your eyes and ears now with some hilarious moments only on Netflix. You will also witness Lily Singh, Pete Davidson, and Jack Whitehall.

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