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Opening Joint Account post marriage? Women on the internet reveal eye-opening facts!

Joint Account Post Marriage? Should women go for this, Desi reacts on the internet


  • Joint Account Post Marriage
  • What do women have to say?
  • How you can candidly strike a communication with your partner?

A lot of things change post marriage and one of them is- Our Finances.  Marriage is about adjustments and making things work even when you feel like giving up. But it can be challenging to work on finances together. Well, the good news is that honest communication can definitely make the task easy.  Simply put, “Jab Dil Ek Ho Gye toh Finances Kaise Alag honge”. But in India, important financial decisions are often taken by the man of the house. In that case, financially independent women on the internet revealed important facts on opening joint account post marriage.

They pointed out whether you should do it or not? Apart from it, managing and talking about finances how one should invest.  Undoubtedly, finances are an important aspect of a marriage.

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What do women on the internet say?

“Money can break or make a person. One should treat money just like a relationship – you want to save it and enjoy it, take care of it, make it grow, don’t waste it. For women, it is important to stay in a financially secure place.  Expecting someone else to take care of it could be a terrible mistake,” revealed a 35 –year –old Social Activist.

Another woman on Quora said, “There is no harm in opening a joint account. Post marriage just like in life, your finances should be shared with your partner. But never ever completely rely on the man of the house. Keeping a close check on investments, expenditure and savings is not a bad idea. Be involved in all sorts of decisions.”

We also reached out to a Delhi-based relationship expert Preety Shah, she said, “ It is always good to have honest conversations before saying I do. Be it a credit situation or even future investments plans. Today, women are financially independent and support their parents even after marriage so this should be discussed well in advance. Money is an uncomfortable topic to talk about but it is definitely one of the most important topics when it comes to marriage.”

Another 28 – year –old entrepreneur revealed that it is always good to have one joint account ( that you can call a family account). Apart from it, both the partners should have two separate accounts as well and there is no harm in it.

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Another fact that women revealed on the internet revealed that – one should always save for the rainy days. It could be for you or even for the family. Remember not all days are the same so it is important to have some emergency cash that can be later used when required.

Last but not least, do not fund the lifestyle of your partner that you can’t afford just out of love. Tell them straight that you love them but you won’t do things that you don’t feel are right.

We also asked the expert – Important financial decisions that couples should take immediately post marriage:

1. First and foremost – They should set a monthly budget and list out the most important things for the household. This list will include phone bills, electricity bills, rent, and groceries.

2. Two of you should also discuss financial goals such as home purchase, renovation, children, and childcare. In case, if you want to start a new business all this should be mentioned in the list of financial goals.

3. Do not forget to evaluate insurance.  Buying insurance is a vital part of adulting, especially once you are married.  Be it health insurance or car insurance, chalking out details well in advance will make things easier post marriage.

4. Keep a separate budget for Holidays and family functions. You might want to take a break every six months from your routine. In that case, it’s always good to have a separate account and budget for that.


According to a report, 21 percent of couples filed for divorce due to finances. Before starting the new chapter in life, it is important to be clear in every aspect. Be it health, finances, or even dreams – One should be able to talk honestly with his or her potential partner.

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