Jewellery Trends 2015 Spring

Since the price of yellow gold going down, jewellers have started to stock and work with it. Trend in jewellery design do not change instantly like apparel. Usually every three months apparel trend change on the other hand jewellery designers bring out new collection only once a year or even 2 years. Though Brass jewelelry is making a comeback, Gold is still growing strong. Yellow Gold always go along with the changing fashion scene and Rose gold takes you to bohemian trend.

Poonam Soni, jewelry designer says yellow metal is going to stay forever. “There are other metals like brass, zinc and copper designers are taking seriously. I do not think this trend will last as Gold is like putting money in property business. I myself use yellow gold though I do not mind using other metals like brass once in a while” says Soni. Her collection is the perfect jewellery for the modern bride if she is looking beyond traditional one.

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Chokers are back with a bang. In 1990’s it was craze as young women used to wear it on every occasion. But old chokers have undergone major changes. Wires and pendants in different colours are in vogue. “Young women are looking for trendy stuff which suits their pocket,” says Amrita Singh London based jeweller.

Vintage jewelelry of you grandma are the favourite now. Big brooches and pins are the key trends today. “Fashion conscious women love to borrow from their mothers and grandmothers collection while attending marriage or reception. Old jewelelry has a repeat value and it has its own style statement to make,” says Mira Gulati.

Geometrics, triangles, squares and rectangles are considered classy. “Layering necklaces and piling on bracelets remain a popular choice. Jewellery designers both in India and abroad are for mix of classic designs combined with innovation and technology. Most people do not want to wear the same jewelelry all the time. People have different personalities and style that they want to reflect,” says Amrita Singh.

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