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Jayant Kandoi, who fought cancer 6 times & didn’t give up ‘Hope’

The journey from an ordinary teen to a cancer warrior

A 15-year teen is filled with aspirations, dreams, enthusiasm and on a path to live their life to the fullest. But what happens if one gets stricken with a piece of catastrophic news that they are suffering from cancer. Maybe their whole life seems to blur. Something similar happened to Jayant Kandoi. And not once, not twice, the number counts to 6.

The journey from an ordinary teen to a cancer warrior

Jayant Kandoi of Ajmer, Rajasthan was just like any other teen boy but he saw his world getting upside down when he got shocking news about himself. At the age of 15, when every student was worried about their future, Jayant was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. The first time the disease appeared as a lump on Jayant’s neck.  

“In 2013 when I was in class 10th, I found out that I am suffering from cancer. The doctors recommended Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology to determine cancer. The test turned out to be positive and I underwent 12 chemotherapy sessions”, said the proud cancer warrior.

On 12 January 2014, Kandoi’s treatment was successful and he won the battle against cancer. His parents were also relieved that their child was saved from cancer’s evil eye. But little did they know that this disease will relapse soon.  

Since February 2015, Jayant has had 5 relapses of Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer till now. In November 2020, cancer struck his pancreas.

Every time Jayant won the battle against this formidable disease, he even attained top ranks throughout his academic career. 

Jayant said, “My parents were very supportive in all these years. Fortunately, I got the right information at the right time. This helped me reach treatment on time. My family consulted oncologists from all corners of the country”.

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His parents’ worry soared to an extreme level, every time he is hit by cancer. On the other hand, Jayant always believed that he was going to win this war against cancer. Despite this journey involves excruciating pain, numerous tests, medicines, and many chemotherapy & radiotherapy sessions with lots of uncertainties 

In his last relapse treatment, Kandoi underwent a bone marrow transplant in April 2021. He even documented this journey with all smiling pictures. He weighs not more than 36 kilos now.

“I clicked over 13000 pictures as I want to capture every moment of my life. I counted every day with a probability that it could be my last day even if it was an outing with my friends or a stay in the hospital”, said Jayant while recalling every moment. 

वो देने वाला भी सब कुछ देगाएक बार उससे मांगों तो सही,

अभी तो बहुत खूबसूरत सफर बाकी है, Ek baar Zindagi ko jio to sahi!!

– Jayant Kandoi

Achieving New Heights

At the age of 19, he set up an NGO that works for cancer patients. Over this time, Jayant Kandoi became an inspiration for many and emerged as a warrior. He has become a motivational speaker now and is recognized as a chronic illness influencer by many. 

Jayant Kandoi takes immense pride in being the only person in India who has beat cancer 6 times in a short span of 9 years.

Sometimes it becomes a very difficult task for many cancerous patients to beat it even once. But Jayant Kandoi managed to survive solely because of his willpower. He says that he is not worried about whether he will get married or be able to fulfill his dreams. 

Jayant Kandoi idolizes Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of social media platform Facebook. He has also launched two start-ups. 

He is also fond of writing poems and shayaris. He has also written three books. 

We wish Jayant a great future ahead with all good health. 

More power to you Jayant!

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