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Jasleen Bhalla, the voice behind Corona Caller Tune: A story that proves ‘Life Mai turning point Kabhi bhi aa sakta hai’

Success story: A voice that starts our day! She became a rage after lending her voice to the corona caller tune

COVID 19 has changed a lot of things in a span of 6 months.  The way we look at things, our social life, and our daily routine, everything around us has seen a shift. Corona has also impacted our caller tunes. When COVID 19 hit India our caller tunes were suddenly changed.  “Coronavirus se abhi pura desh lad raha , yaad rahe humein bimari se ladna hai, beemar se nhi.”  These words are a new normal for us. Interestingly, a lot of us start our day with this caller tune by calling our loved ones.  Well, a Delhi –based voice over artist Jasleen Bhalla has lent her voice to this caller tune.  As India has replaced caller tunes, we hear her every day to stay safe and stay home. During an interview with a leading daily, she admitted none of her previous gigs was as big as this.

The 40 –year –old Voice over artist is in this business for almost a decade now. Earlier, she was a sports journalist. In an interview to Pune Mirror, she said, “I recorded it in the last week of March, and I didn’t know it would be used for Public campaign, but now I feel a sense of pride.”  Recently, we stumbled upon her Instagram account and she is as beautiful as her voice.

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There are a few posts available on Instagram. Here a few more samples of her beautiful work.

Opportunities can knock your gate anytime

She is an English graduate from Khalsa College and has been working in this industry for years. Often we see that voice-over artists don’t get their due credit. Jasleen’s story has proved hard work pays off. Today, she has risen to fame and people are recognizing her due to her voice.  Jasleen’s story is proof that life mai turning point kabhi bhi aa sakta hai. All you need is – Sheer Hard Work. Recently, we tried to get in touch with her but couldn’t as her schedule is jam-packed.  With this corona recording, she has become a rage and an integral part of our lives too.

There were a lot of memes floating on the internet for the same, but we all know it was important for Indians to understand the urgency. Here a few funny memes, take a look :


Well, the pandemic is still not over. In that case, stay home and stay safe! For more such stories like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram account.

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