Jashn-e-Rekhta: Celebration of Urdu

Jashn-e-Rekhta: Celebration of Urdu

One of its kinds, Jashn-E-Rekhta is an event where people celebrated the language of Urdu and its contemporary meaning. It was indeed a pleasure to listen to eminent poets coming from all over the world and expressing how Urdu is diminishing from the picture of language and globalisation has taken over it. The poets agreed to keeping poetry, whether Hindi or Urdu, away from religion and politics. In fact, one of the most prominent poets of the present times, Javed Akhtar says that it has become importance of the hour to educate our children about our language right from the very age of adolescence.

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Javed Akhtar giving out a talk on what Urdu as a language has become

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Present at the event was also one of the best lyricists of Bollywood, Irshad Kamil, who in an exclusive conversation with us said, “I feel such events are really important to get languages, with which we are really connected but have forgotten to a space, to be exclusively spoken about so that the next generation can also appreciate the beauty of it. People are really connected on emotional level with Urdu as a language, we do not usually see people working on ground level to bring this language in front but I am happy that ‘Jashn-e-rekhta’ has taken a step forward and I wish that it’s just the beginning.

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Eminent poets from different countries sharing their view on poetry and poets

Nandita Das, one of the most substantial theatre artists and movie maker of today, in a brief talk with us said, “Urdu is a beautiful and rich language that I myself have admired for years but never really had the opportunity to read more about it. I have always been interested in poetry, evolution of Urdu, its history and how it has become a language etc. I think it’s fantastic what Sanjiv Siraf is doing out of his own passion and similar thing can be seen in every person present here. People here have come for their love for Urdu and poetry and it’s a one of its kind programme that brings together eminent writers and poets on the same platform for us to be able to listen to these people.”

Jashn-e-Rekhta: Celebration of Urdu  - one world news

Ravish Kumar in conversation with poets on the status of Mushaira

Continuing further, she spoke about how Bollywood and Urdu are related, “In Indian cinema we do speak a lot of Urdu. The language we speak is called Hindustani which is mix of Hindi and Urdu. Urdu has always been a language of people and Indian cinema also uses the language that reaches people. Yes, now the language is a mixture of everything making it a language of nowhere but such efforts like Jashn-e-rekhta would help us to know the importance of language and would focus on right usage of it. I have loved poetry ever since but would not claim that I have read a lot. I thoroughly enjoy it in any language and it’s always a pleasure to witness eminent performers. Poetry is something which touches your soul. It is not just words but something intangible that hits your heart and brain at the same time and that’s what good poetry is all about.”

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Panel discussion on Urdu as a language at India International Centre

Talking about how the concept of this festival came into picture, Sanjiv Siraf- Founder of Rekhta Organisation/foundation said, “What is heartening is that 60% of our readers/browsers are young people and they all are so enthusiastic about poetry and related stuff. We used to do seminars and short programmes every now and then, and the responses to it were very encouraging. The crowd was not Urdu speaking; people came from different walks of life. That’s when we realised that this space has large audience and thought why not to do a two day festival on weekend where all different genres of Urdu are showcased and people have the chance of tasting the different flavours of Urdu at same place. We are very happy looking at the turn out.”

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Panel discussion on Urdu in Internet world

It is the first season of Jashn-E-Rekhta and the kind of people on panel is just impressive, talking about the same Sanjiv said, “Getting all the eminent performers and Bollywood personalities was a task but because our website has been doing a great work in last two years and got recognition around the world, everyone was quite excited and happy to be a part of it. I am an avid poetry lover however, never had the guts to write anything after listening to all these Gods of poetry. As far as Urdu’s existence is concerned, Urdu is a robust and powerful language which is going to proliferate in the young crowd.”

Munawwar Rana, eminent Urdu and Hindi poet and a personality known worldwide for his Mushaira, told us told how one can be a good writer, “It is really important to read if you want to be a good writer. Read not only one but every artist/poet. Poetry also has a family- for example if you hold a party- you will call everyone, similar is the case with poetry. Rekhta is doing a great job and I believe that it is a bridge between Hindi and Urdu. And when these both languages would become one, there is no language that can stand against it. There cannot be a parameter of being a good poet- it is like a baby, whether dark or white in colour, he or she is always the apple of mother’s eyes.”

So, if you are someone who loves to scribble your secrets behind a diary or on the notes application of your mobile or someone who is secretive about your interest or been the expressive one, this is the place for you to get all the knowledge and chance to witness the magic of poetry right from the eminent poets and writers.

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