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Japanese Girl Harassed on Holi: Why nobody helped?

A Japanese Girl Harassed on Holi in Delhi’s Paharganj area. Four people have been apprehended till now

“Bura na mano Holi Hai”

The popular slogan hailed every time on the occasion of Holi comes with the message that we should sort out all our differences and celebrate the festival together. However, some people have taken the message to another level and a Japanese Girl Harassed on Holi.

‘Holi par bura mat mano

Holi par consent bhi mat mango

Holi par limit hi cross kardo

Kyuki  bura na mano holi hai’

Recently, a Japanese vlogger was harassed on the occasion of Holi in Delhi’s Paharganj area. The video was shared by the vlogger herself. In the video it can be seen, some boys are forcefully rubbing colours on the 22-year-old Japanese tourist, grabbing her by her neck, spraying paints, beating her with eggs and even trying to grab her breast while she was ducking away from the group.

The girl screamed ‘nai nai’, probably the only Hindi word she knew for refusal. She slapped one of them who was trying to hold her.

The video is deleted from the vlogger’s Twitter handle now but this is now gaining media attention. Netizens are slamming the incident and even demanding stringent actions against the miscreants.

Police officials have said that no complaint has been filed from the Japanese tourist‘s end but they are taking suo motto. The Delhi police said that they have launched a probe into the ‘Japanese girl harassment’ video that caused an outrage on social media. Police have nabbed four people related to the case including one juvenile. Cops sought information about the girl from the Japanese embassy. The tourist has now flown to Bangladesh and said that she is mentally and physically stable now. She wants to keep her identity a secret.

The police officials in a statement said, ‘The boys have been identified after meticulous efforts through field officers and local intelligence. In the inquiry, they confessed to the incident seen in the video”. Action under the Delhi police action has been initiated against those apprehended. Further legal action will be decided on merits and in accordance with the complaint by the girl if any.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha and Delhi commission for women chief Swati Maliwal are among those who reacted to the video and called it a completely shameful behavior.

National commission for women chairperson Rekha Sharma had earlier written to Delhi police to immediately file an FIR in the matter.


Might the goons get a befitting reply of their Karma, the question remains

  • Why did nobody come forward to help the foreign girl?
  • Why did nobody tell the boys to back off like the man from Mumbai did to save the Korean vlogger?

Definitely, it is easier to seek justice on social media than for real. People are criticising the boys who molested the girl in the name of Holi but many chose to remain silent, only record the video, and giggle by passing but not daring to save the girl. We failed her as a country.

Holi does not give anybody a license to create ruckus and hooliganism on the streets. Such incidents only tarnish the image of India at the international level.

Our diversity and culture are the most precious treasures that attract a major chunk of foreign tourists. They make special visits to enjoy the festivals of India. But such incidents are a big turn-offs for them and a matter of shame for the country

Nobody irrespective of who they are whether a man, woman, third gender, local or foreigner deserves such kind of manhandling.

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