He is the Maker, and He is the Destroyer,


He is the Judge and He is the Lawyer,


We are the locks and He is the Key,


He is Lord Krishna spreading like the sea.


He is present here and there,


So we celebrate janmashtami everywhere.


Today is janmashtami- Lord Krishna was born on this auspicious day.


The festival of janmashtami is celebrated in the month of ‘bhadrapad’ of the hindi calendar on the day of ‘ashtami’.


The festival holds great value and importance in India.


On this day the Prince of the Golden Age that is Lord Krishna was born. It is believed that at midnight when darkness was around and not a streak of light was on the ground, Krishna was born and brightened the earth.


Many people keep fast and eat only fruits on this pious day. Bhajans and hymns are sung in temples and ‘Prasad’ is distributed among the people. It is a common belief that Lord Krishna had the purest soul. He was extremely fond of butter or ‘makkhan’.


There are many festive sports such as ‘dahi handi’ or hitting pots full of butter. Such sports are popular in Maharashtra and Vrandavan region.


The birth of Lord Krishna marks the birth of honesty, trust, faith and truthfulness. Later on he killed ‘Kans’-the evil king and emancipated the earth from his tyranny and oppression.


So this janmashtami pledge to be peaceful and soulful and help others in need, the way Lord Krishna did ages ago.


Happy Janmashtami!!!

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