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Jaago Voter Jaago 2019, an effective campaign by OwnTV

Jaago Voter Jaago 2019: Everything you need to know

OwnTv, an infotainment app, and the website has started an effective campaign called Jaago Voter Jaago. The campaign has been started to make Indian voters aware of their voting rights.  General Elections 2019 has already begun.  In that case, it is very important that we all should cast our vote. The main aim of the campaign Jaago Voter Jaago 2019 is to educate voter about their rights and why they should verify all details about the candidate before casting their vote.

Jaago Voter Jaago
Jaago Voter Jaago

Highlights of Jaago Voter Jaago 2019

1. Don’t treat Election Day as an ordinary “Chutti”

You get an off so that you can access your voting right. Do not treat Election Day as an ordinary Chutti. Step out, get yourself inked, and make your choice

2.Know your candidate before you cast your vote

Verify everything about your Candidate before you cast your vote. There are so many apps and website that are providing authentic data about the potential candidates. You can also visit the official website of the Election Commission and can check important details about your candidate.

3. If you have turned 18 this year, then do not forget to Vote

When you become an adult a lot of things get changed. If you have turned 18 this year, then do not forget to make your choice. Get yourself registered as a voter and use your vote. Do not forget one vote can make a lot of difference.

4. Form 6 is available online as offline

To get yourself registered as a voter. One needs to fill Form 6. Notably, it is available online as well as offline. You need to fill it with some basic information.

5. If you cast your vote, you are actually contributing in ‘Vikas’ of your country

If you really want your nation to develop, then you should choose your representative wisely. If you do it, then you actually contribute to ‘Vikas’ of your country.

About OwnTv

OwnTV is an infotainment app. It has multiple segments which include Own Guru, Own Nation, and Own Entertainment. Own Guru is the ultimate guide to your SSC Preparations. The app is super friendly and if you want to try your hands on it. You can download the app: http://bit.ly/OWNTVAPP

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