It’s world chocolate day: Chocoholics! Are you listening?

7 July marks World Chocolate Day: Why is it the best creation?


A brief history of World Chocolate Day

Unknown Facts about Chocolate

Prepare Chocolate Sorbet at home to woo your sweetheart!

7 July is celebrated as World Chocolate Day, and today you can freely celebrate your love for all things Chocolate.

Yes, you heard it right! The entire world is celebrating chocolate day today. Well, it’s almost impossible to say ‘no’ to chocolates, isn’t it?

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A brief history of World Chocolate Day

The day is sometimes referred to as International Chocolate Day and has been commercially celebrated since 2009. It is believed the day was to celebrate the introduction of Chocolate to Europe in 1550. Chocolate is made from beans derived from the cacao tree. These beans are very bitter, so the cocoa solids and the cocoa butter have added sugar and some other ingredients to make the Chocolate available to the general public.

Unknown Facts about Chocolate

Chocolate Day

So, on this delicious day, we have come up with some unknown facts about Chocolate:

1. Chocolate is lower in caffeine than tea, coffee, and coca-cola. A one-ounce bar of Chocolate contains about 6 mg of caffeine. In contrast, a five-ounce cup of regular coffee contains over 40mg.

2. Chocolate contains antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

3. In 1842, Cadbury’s in England created the world’s first chocolate bar.

4. It is widely believed that chocolate consumption releases a chemical into your body similar to what is produced when you are in love.

5. Chocolates are not meant for animals. It is poisonous for them.

6. Chocolate comes from the Aztec word “xocoatl,” which refers to the bitter, spicy drink the Aztecs made from cacao beans.

7. During the Revolutionary Wars, soldiers were sometimes paid for chocolates.

8. Hershey’s Kisses got its name from the kissing sound the machine deposits the Chocolate on the conveyor belt.

9. Interestingly, the inventor of Chip Cookie, Ruth Wakefield, sold her cookie recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of Chocolate.

10. Notably, there is a rare fourth kind of chocolate in addition to the classic milk, dark, and white varieties: Blond Chocolate.

11. The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry.

12. The chocolate industry is worth approximately $110 billion per year.

13. German Chocolate cake has nothing to do with Germany; it’s named after its inventor, Sam German.

Prepare Chocolate Sorbet at home to woo your sweetheart!

Chocolate sorbet is made with Dark Chocolate, cocoa powder, and caster sugar. It is an easy–to–make a dessert that will treat your sweetheart’s taste buds. If you are also a chocomanic, this is for you. The dessert is irresistible and is a perfect dish to celebrate your special moments.

How much time do you need?

· Total Time: 40 m

· Prep Time: 10 m

· Calories: 260

What do you need?

· 25gm finely chopped Dark Chocolate

· ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

· 300ml water

· 100 gm caster sugar

· 1¼ cocoa powder

How do I make it?

· Combine cocoa powder and sugar in a bowl

·  Boil water in a pan over a medium flame and add a cocoa mixture. Stir from time to time.

·  Leave it for 3 minutes, and then remove it from the flame.

· Now add vanilla and Chocolate. Mix it well until the

Chocolate gets melted.

· Cool and keep in the fridge for at least 8 hours.

· Pour the mixture into a freezer-safe plastic container and freeze until half frozen.

· Remove and whisk well. Then again, keep in the freezer for 1 hour.

· Before serving, transfer it to a regular fridge so it is easier to scoop.

Chocolates play a vital role in our relationships too. It can help you to initiate a new friendship, it can help you to heal your broken relationship, and it can even help you to concentrate better.

So it’s world chocolate day, do not forget to treat yourself with Chocolate. Share with your loved ones and add sweetness to your life!

Happy Chocolate Day to everyone from the entire team of One World News!

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