It’s International Yoga Day on the 21st June and to commemorate its first anniversary, more than 35,000 people are expected to come at Rajpath (or a Yogpath) and celebrate with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the spirit and importance of Yoga. Yoga, as we know was given to not just Indians but everyone worldwide by Swami Vivekananda. But the Indian PM took a step ahead when he made sure the United Nations recognised the gift of Yoga we gave to the world by honouring 21st of June as the International Day of Yoga last year in November.


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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a renowned Yoga Guru, once said, “Yoga teaches you how to pay attention on what you experience inside, how is the state of your mind while you practice rather than how much your body can bend and get into pretzel. While off the yoga mat, life seems to be a constant struggle but through yoga you can learn to effortlessly experience your inner peace because peace is our very nature and yoga leads you to inner peace.”


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We met actor Arjun Kapoor at an event a few days before the Yoga Day and he went out of context to stress upon the importance of Yoga in his life. He said, “I feel Yoga is a very precious gift that India gave to the whole world and the world has embraced it with open arms. You go to any place in the world now, everyone knows about yoga, they practice it or not is their independent choice. A lot of people equate yoga to weight loss but I would say it’s a wholesome experience. There was a point in my life where I was going through a lot of turmoil so I did Yoga primarily to just calm myself down. There are various forms of yoga and it’s absolutely fantastic. Also, it’s a very personal and intimate experience; you can get what you want out of it so for me, yoga brings me peace of mind.”


Rishikesh Yog Peeth is an organization that diligently works towards improving people’s lives through Yoga. It is located in the Yoga capital of the world; Rishikesh. We got talking with one of the members of the committee, Mr. Dhiraj Sharma. Talking about Yoga, he said, “Yoga has many functions. Apart from improving health conditions, it brings peace, mutual satisfaction in relationships, prosperity and helps people play a constructive role in society.”


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Yoga is known to change people inside out. So we asked Mr. Dhiraj about the various kinds of problems people come up with. He said, “I will share two of them. We had a student who had a drinking problem; she was addicted to alcohol. She found it very difficult to give up alcohol but during the course she never drank and at the end of it, she said she never will. Another one had fat issues. She was not even able to move around but at the end of the course, she found mobility in her joints and she loved Yoga so much that she started self-practice and is now a Yoga teacher who inspires people who think yoga is not for them.”



Apart from this, yoga teacher training is also provided. In Goa, they give yoga teacher training at the beaches to give people an eternal and holistic experience in a way that is contemporary and accessible to all.

Well, it is quite evident with the hype that Yoga has created in our lives is not a hoax. Yoga just brings awareness to whatever we do and that’s what makes it more yogic; because yoga is not only on the mat, it’s always ON.

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