It’s high time to give your workplace a perfect makeover!

Workplace walls colors can seriously impact your employees productivity

Workstations always hold special place in our hearts. We all try to keep our workstations look beautiful and manageable so that we all can work on it easily. But it’s also important to look after your office interior. Yes, because various researches have already proved that interior of office plays crucial role in employees productivity. If your office walls are painted dull gray — the cold color of warships, concrete and cubicles — it’s time for a makeover. Dull colors can seriously affect your productivity

It’s a high time to give your workplace a perfect makeover!Office walls colors can seriously impact employees productivity

As per recent study of University of Texas bland gray, beige and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women. Women employees find impossible to work in such a dull environment. Sometime, female employees feel irritated with no reason but actually reason is interior of the office.
For men, on the other hand, experienced similarly gloomy feelings in purple and orange workspaces.

Other studies have clearly shown that colors do not just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity, for better and for worse. That is why it is best to decorate your workplace with a vibrant and appealing colors, so that employees can use their creative skills in their work.

Low-wavelength colors, like restful green and calming blue — two of the most common colors improve efficiency and focus. They also lend an overall sense of well-being.If you want happier, more effective workers, green and blue are wise choices. Paint the walls either with blue or green color. Red, a high-wavelength color, is active, intense and alarming at times. This color not only marks the love and Valentine’s day but it is very attractive as well. If there is something in the office you want to urgently draw employees’ eyes to, it’s best to paint it red.

Meanwhile, mellow yellow, often viewed by color psychologists as the shade of optimism, is energetic and fresh. Yellow too can be a useful color. It is believed to trigger innovation and is best used in work environments where artists, writers, designers, developers and other creative professionals work.

Office Makeover tips:

After deciding the perfect color for your office, it’s important to bring out some other important changes at your workplace. With your regular boring office environment, you might not be motivated to work for long hours. At the same time, your employees will be de-motivated. To make things good and motivate them too, you need to give your boring office a makeover.


Here are these changes:

1. Milk Desk is still special

Well, everyone cannot afford to waste space in their homes for this, but if you can, this desk will be the best option available for you. The Milk Desk is an old design and has been adopted by many companies. If you have Apple gear, it will be a perfect match with its rounded edges and white surface. Please note
Apple lovers should make sure that you have this in your office.

2. Softwall is an amazing option

This is another change that you can bring in your office.Softwall can help you create a flexible partition in your office. This is perfect in case you are planning to modify the structure of your office. In fact, this is an alternative option that should help you save money and, at the same time, make your office look lovable. Everyone will love it.

3. Comfy-cum-sturdy chairs

Chairs should always be comfortable.
This is important because you and your employees will spend most of the time on that little chair. You do not want anyone to relax most of the time sitting on the chair. This can happen if the chair is too comfortable. At the same time, you do not want your employees to sit on a chair that is not really comfortable. So, if you have sturdy or comfy chairs in your office, remove them and buy new office chairs that are comfortable and sturdy. Saddle chairs are an option that should be on your mind.

4. Bean bags

Bean bags are always good option.
If you have seen images of Google and Facebook offices, you should know that there are different office furniture items in their office. One of the options available in their office is Bean Bags. So, there is no real reason to leave this option out. Bean bags are very comfortable, and allow everyone to be at ease. So, you need to be sure that you are placing it in a section where employees and you are spending time to relax for some time.

5. Tables

Tables should be perfect. With regular tables, you can force your employees to work, but with interesting tables, your employees will be willing to work for an extended hour or so without being asked to work for.

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