It’s hard to be a boss, here is why?

Being a boss is not an easy task. It’s hard to be a boss!

Till now we have discussed a lot of things and problems you may suffer as an employee. But today, we are going to throw some light on boss’s life. It’s hard to be a boss. It’s a high time to get over those weird imaginations about bosses. Boss instruct you or assign you task for the company’s upliftment not for their personal benefits. Always keep this in your mind that Bosses are not always for demanding hikes. People who have never managed before often do not think about the downsides of the job – and people who do manage are often surprised by how hard the role can be!

Its difficult to be a boos, Representative Image
Its difficult to be a boos, Representative Image

Here, are 10 toughest task of bosses or managers that you should know:

1. You have to make decisions people do not like.

Most difficult part of your job being a boss. You have to make decisions that might disturb your relationships with your employees. Whether it is ending a popular incentive program, not hiring an employee’s friend, or telling your team that they need to work late, bosses have to make decisions that their teams are not always happy about.

2. You have to tell people when they are not doing a good job.

It’s difficult too. Being a manager or Boss you may observe some people doing their best, but are unable to achieve what they ought to achieve. Sometimes these are people you like and people who are genuinely trying hard. These conversations are difficult and many managers hate them, but they are also unavoidable.

3. When things go wrong, you are the person who gets blamed.

So, being a boss doesn’t mean only to give orders. Remember if things goes wrong under your guidance, everyone will blame you. When things go right, you give your team the credit. But when they go wrong, you are the one who shoulders the blame. And even if the problem was due to an employee’s mistake, you are ultimately the person accountable to higher authorities.

4. Your decisions have high stakes.

Whatever decision you make, you always remain on stake. Let’s say if you hire the wrong person, release the wrong product, or make the wrong budget trade-offs, your decisions could cause serious problems for the company, even leading to people losing their jobs. Every decision you make, even the smallest ones, can have serious consequences.

5. You have to enforce rules you might not always agree with.

There can be serious difference of opinions between bosses and higher authorities. There can be a policy of your company you do not agree with, it’s still going to be your job to enforce it. And if you do not or if you mention your disagreement to your employees, you will have undermined your own boss. So, bosses always remain under pressure.

Making everyone happy is not your task
Making everyone happy is not your task

6. People bring you ridiculous or awkward complaints.

Some people think that Boss means always available for listening to complaints. Managers get asked to intervene in personal problems talk to the guy with body odour issues, and tell the receptionist that she is coughing too much. Can you imagine? But they have to.

7. You need to give up some workplace friendships goals

Being a boss in a firm means “no friends”. Since managers need to have professional boundaries between them and the people they manage, you cannot have the same types of office friendship that you had before you became a manager. Bosses have to maintain professional relationships rather than friendship.

8. You are always being watched.

As a boss lot of people admire you so you are watched every single minute. As the boss, everything you say or do carries more weight. If you express enthusiasm for one person’s idea, people will assume that’s the idea they should back. You should know how to carry yourself as a boss. If people start imitating you then realise that you are good Boss.

9. You have to let people go

The toughest part of being a boss. You have to fire people from the jobs. No one wants to do bad with someone but that’s something professional. Easily the worst part about being a manager is telling someone that they no longer have a job. It is not as hard as being on the employee’s side of the conversation, of course, but for most managers it’s agonizing.
10. Some people just won’t like you.

Boss means a lot of enemies too. Half of the people won’t like and that too without any reason. You are doing your job, not everyone is going to like you. You are going to tell some people their work is not good enough … hold accountable people who may not want to be held accountable … enforce policies that may irritate some people … and yes, fire people. Of course, there are plenty of upsides to being the boss – probably more than the downsides.
It’s really difficult being a boss.

What all you should do to be a good boss?

  1. Draw a boundary, never become friend of your employee
  2. It’s good to advice and help your employees like a friend but always maintain that boundary.

Here are major drawbacks if you become friend with your employee:

1. It will create a perception of favouritism. Employees will assume that you are biased. Even if you think you are being 100% fair and un-biased, you will always be subject to being second guessed.

2. You may even fail to realise it, but other employees are probably letting your “friends” get away with more, thinking that you are going to protect them or side with them.

3. According to psychology human behaviour is influenced by unconscious mind. So, if you allow yourself to get emotionally attached to one employee – for whatever reason – but not another, those emotions will consciously or unconsciously influence decisions, assignments, promotions, etc.

Always draw that line
Always draw that line

4. If you see an employee as a “friend”, you might have some unrealistic expectations with that particular employees. So, see them as a worker of the firm not as your friend.

5. A friend can never come tell your flaws. But as a boss, part of your job is to judge your employees, to give constructive feedback, and sometimes to discipline them, even fire them. Does this sound like something a friend would do to another friend?

6. Always remember employees are never happy with their bosses. All employees need to complain about their bosses now and then, even the best managers. However, if you see your employees as friends, you are more likely to take it personally.

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