It’s Great To Be a Teacher


Teaching is a noble profession. A teacher is someone who shapes the personality and career of a child. He/she leaves an indelible mark on the innocent mind of a child.


It takes tremendous patience and will power to be a teacher. Dealing with kids is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the thought of being an integral part of someone’s initial learning phase is definitely satisfying.


Meetings, grading, meticulous planning and implementing planned strategies can be frustrating and annoying at times.


David Hochman mentioned, “Life gets better when you adopt and attitude of gratitude.”


Teaching a Noble Profession:

Following qualities make teaching a noble profession.


Tremendous Commitment:

Teaching involves tremendous commitment    and it is not easy. Dealing with students who are least interested in books and study curriculum poses a great challenge and needs intense involvement and commitment.


Great Tenacity:

When students do not understand even after repeated explanations, a teacher keeps on trying again and again without getting irritated or agitated. “Thank you for persisting with every child until he or she is successful.”


Wearing an ID…

Well wearing an ID gives you a sense of belongingness and at the same time authority. The ID can bring useful discounts at retail stores. “Money saved is certainly something to be thankful for.”



This is another vital prerequisite of being a great teacher and a wonderful person. A teacher has to be patient and satiated as children’s queries are innumerable and sometimes illogical.





Teaching is like carving a new shape, giving a new dimension to something raw and transforming it into


Teacher is regarded to be more important than even God as it is the teacher that enlightens your mind and broadens horizon. The knowledge about truth and Almighty is imparted by a teacher. It is aptly said that if God and teacher both are standing together, the teacher should be greeted first as it is him/her who has told you about the existence of Lord.



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