It’s easy to treat headache at your comfort Zone, Here are few hacks

 Get rid of headache naturally, here is how?

 Get rid of headache naturally, here is how?:- In today’s always moving world, headache has become a part of our everyday life. Some deal with this through a hot cup of coffee, some simply pop a painkiller. But we all know how regular consumption of allopathic medicine could have a side effect that’s why natural medicines are the best solution for such brain-splitting headache.

Let’s have a look at few home remedies to cure headaches:

 Get rid of headache naturally, here is how?
The all-rounder ginger
  1. Ginger

For instant relief, try ginger. To reduce the inflammation of blood vessels in head, ginger servers as the best remedy. It simulates digestion and ease out the feeling of nausea, which is generally felt during headaches along with reducing the pain.

It won’t be wrong to call it a miracle ingredient. Drinking ginger juice mixing with equal amount of lemon juice once or twice a day would help your headache. Also, applying ginger powder paste with two tablespoons of water would help in soothing the ache quicker.

  1.  Basil

Basil is a strong-scented herb with many analgesic benefits. Applying basil oil could help in relaxing tensed muscles. Chewing fresh basil leaves could also help in soothing the pain out along with inhaling the steam of basil in boiling water. Basil tea which is prepared by adding 3-4 basil leaves to boiling water along with honey is an old yet effective cure for headache.

 Get rid of headache naturally, here is how?
The miracle spice
  1.  Cinnamon

It won’t be wrong to call cinnamon, the magic spice as applying the thick mixture of cinnamon powder and water on your temples and forehead before relaxing for half an hour proves to an extremely effective remedy for headaches.

 Get rid of headache naturally, here is how?
Crazy cloves
  1. Cloves

Due to clove’s cooling and pain-relieving functions, it can be magical when it comes to headaches. Inhaling the scent of crushed cloves during headaches could soothe the pain. Also, massaging forehead with coconut oil along with a pinch of sea salt in 2 drops of clove oil could help with your headache.

  1. Lavender oil

Along with the beautiful fragrance, lavender has a great power of alleviating headaches as well. Just inhaling the scent could help to great extend in reducing headache. Steaming the scent by putting 2 drops of oil in boiling water could also help in soothing the ache. Also, massaging your forehead with lavender and almost oil mixture could help to a great extend.

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