It’s beyond just canvas and colours


It’s beyond just canvas and colours


It would not be wrong to say that an artist leaves his or her impression in every work that he does, same thing goes with a painter too. Uchaan- an art-exhibition which has never failed to surprise the visitors with the amazing collection of paintings from different artists, from beginners to the eminent artists, on the same platform again exhibited astonishing work at Gold Souk, Gurgoan wherein 21 artists portrayed their work.

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Ambbali Dutta’s live show at Uchaan’s exhibition

Though the exhibition was titled Memory, it was more of creating memory for the onlooker than the exhibitors since each work was unique in its own way. Ranging from nature to portraits and from city to spiritual, the exhibition covered almost every aspect of one’s life. As we were looking at some of the pieces we had the opportunity to speak to the artists present at the venue. Hari Singh showcased a painting of horses and spoke about how people have various beliefs or superstitions regarding the piece. His paintings are usually about force and rules of the universe, apart from that he has an expertise in portraits and 3D paintings. Trust us when we say that he has the ability to erase the difference between a photographic you and a painted you.

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Various artists portrayed their best art in the exhibition

However, he believes that portraits are the most difficult thing because the person whose portrait is made is never happy with it and always finds someone else’s portrait perfect. Adding to it Pooja Grover spoke about how being only an artist can never give you bread and butter forever. She adds, “For us it is really sad when we put in our soul in one piece but the customers do not relate to it and ask it on a price which is quite low. In fact, they just want to buy it as an artefact which is not bad in commercial sense and even I was in the same space before getting into it. However, it is now that I realise how it feels. We also have the limitation of creating something we like because at the end we have to sell it because of which sometimes the artistic appetite dies.”

decentralized autonomous artist

its-beyond-just-canvas-and-colours-fea - oneworldnews

Impasto Oil Demonstration at Uchaan art exhibition at Gold Souk Mall, Gurgoan

The exhibition also gave the onlookers an experience of lifetime since they witnessed live painting by Amballi Dutta. In an exclusive conversation with us, she expressed that her works are more of abstract than realism. She takes inspiration from all around and paint all of it by using her own imagination. She says for her she feels successful when the audience interprets her work in their own way and she believes that painting is like meditating and speaking to your own-self. She was born with this talent and has given up everything to satisfy her artistic side.

It's beyond just canvas and colours - one world news

Stunning art-work at the exhibition

This exhibition was even more special because of one of the artist whose talent of painting was in itself a special thing. Neelesh Ganesh an artist who loves music and has been painting since quite long may not be normal for people around but is exceptional in terms of art. We cannot paint a thing on canvas but he draws varied themes. Neelesh is autistic and it’s his mother’s effort that has got him to a stage wherein everyone is proud of him. The happiness we saw on his mother’s face while we were interviewing him was indescribable. His one of the painting had Casio which he painted all over again on a landscape painting and in the other one he has shown different musical instrument and flow of music.


New ideas, new themes, new artists this exhibition of Uchaan had everything in positive for them. If you happen to be free any day till 15th of April do witness this magic, you never know which painting touches you and which inspires you.


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