It’s all about journey of Success: ‘Hiten Tejwani’

It’s all about journey of Success: ‘Hiten Tejwani’

It’s all about journey of Success: ‘Hiten Tejwani’

Karan Virani, Manav Deshmukh, Pratam Mittal and whole lot of names are what most his fans know him by. Yes, you got it right; I am talking about the most versatile actor of Television world, Hiten Tejwani, who recently marked his presence in capital during an event.


Hiten on the sets of Meri Ashiqui Tum se hi

During a candid conversation he shared his experience, about his journey of Television industry and how he has evolved as an actor.

1.Talking about Women empowerment as a theme today. What do you think how far is the Indian woman from empowerment?

I think the process of empowering a woman, completely, in India would take lot of time. The main reason behind it is the fact that people are not taking initiative; government efforts would always go waste if we all would not take a serious take on it.


Hiten’s take on women empowerment

2. You are working on a Bollywood project and most of the shooting is done in Delhi. So, how was the experience?

Well, I have heard people saying Delhi is of ‘Dilwale’ and actually it’s true as all the people, I met in Delhi were all ‘Dilwale’.

3. How did you decide to make your career in acting?

I always had an interest in acting and I think acting is a profession that involves interest. If you see around anyone can be an actor, when a child lies what he does acting right? So, it depends how you develop your interest and how dedicated you are.


Hiten Tejwani, versatile actor of T.V. industry

4. What do you like to do apart from acting?

Well, if you ask about my interest apart from acting then let me tell you, I talk a lot and I like to read also. I like to read thriller as I don’t get much time but yes, whenever I get time I read books.

5. So, do you follow someone, I mean do you have any role model?

Well, I don’t have any role model; I think every person who is a self made man is a role model for me.

6. So, are you enjoying phase of your fatherhood?

Yes, of course I am enjoying the phase of fatherhood. It’s been a lovely experience being a father of two beautiful kids. Most of the guys think that getting married means lot of responsibilities (shaadi kar ke phas gaya) but I think when you have kids it is just like reliving your childhood days.

7. How would you like to describe yourself?

Well, Hiten is an honest man, who likes to do his work with full passion and determination. Apart from being honest, I have good sense of humor too.

8. Capital is famous for food? So, when you come to Delhi what do you like to have?

Yes, I am a foodie and talking about Delhi’s food, I love to have chaat.

9. Are any other projects lined up?

As If now I don’t have any upcoming project apart from Meri ashaiqui tum se hi, Ganga and the movie I mentioned Thoda Ishq Thoda Luft. It would soon on the floors.

10. So, how is the feeling of becoming part of Bollywood? What would like to convey to your fans?

Right now it is a mixed feeling. I am feeling happy at the same time I am bit nervous. Let’s see what happens once movie hits the silver screen. I would request my fans to show same affection and trust as they have showed till now.

Last but not the least Hiten Tejwani added he would keep entertaining his fans by his acting.

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