Isabel Marant is a Fashion Icon, here is why?

Isabel Marant is a Fashion Icon, find out more about her latest collections

47- year -old Isabel Marant’s shoes, garments, bags are also synonymous with New York fashion world. Her recent presentation in Milan Fashion week was a great success and celebrities were vying one another for her collection. Indeed she is a fashion icon; here are all the details from her latest fashion show.

Perfect skinny leather jackets, trousers, sweatshirts, shoes and bags sold like hot cake. “I always design and sell things that you can pick up from the rack and wear it and looks like you have already have it for ages,” said Isabel.

Isabel Marant is a Fashion Icon
Isabel Marant is a Fashion Icon
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At 15 she started taking fashion as a serious subject. “I was influenced by fashion icon Vivienne Westwood and my mother who was a model used to take me to her studio in Paris. I wanted to do economics but ended up doing fashion designing. Rest is history.” She said

Started in 1994 and 22 years later she enjoys a commanding position among A class designers and while some others of her ilk continually struggle to come on the tip, she has tasted her success. “The credit of my success comes back to her my steadfast point of view.

I am doing everything with my heart and my soul. I never have had a huge design team and my design revolves around me and my husband who is better known as shoe designer. This is what happening from season to season,” she informed.

Isabel Marant is a Fashion Icon

This Parisian designer design for famous people like Alexa Chung, Victoria Bechkham, Katie Homes to name a few. The most noticeable thing about her is the clothes are easily recognizable. It is kinny, feminine but grounded by the masculine that fit for a global traveler.

“Though my emphasis is on ethnic craftsmanship I donot want to be minimalist. Infact my designs have been much emulated by other labels special street level fashion circuit. I design clothes which I like to wear. While I was studying fashion at The Paris Fashion College my professor used to say ‘design something which you too are comfortable to wear.”

Interestingly Isabel doesnot design eveningwear. “I like a world without it. I prefer a well cut trouser and T-shirt for the occasion. It is so ugly when I see girls move around with wearing those dresses.”

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