Is your past holding you back? Here is how to make peace with it!

Make peace with the past to lead and give up the false hope right away!

Why it is so difficult to let go?

Making peace with the past can be really difficult and tricky. Our mind is naturally conditioned to cling with past. It is not easy to let go, but if you will not make peace with your past, it will affect your present. We consciously or subconsciously often stay attached to our past experiences. It may be an experience of wrongdoing that was done to us when we were young, it could be about our ex, or a death of our loved one….. the list goes on.

Make peace with the past

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Give up the false hope

Notably, most of us know the ill –effects of being attached to our past but it is like an addiction. We repeatedly recall all instances from the past for a false hope.

Remembering instances from the past can be helpful to us for a finite amount of time. But reliving them over and over again through our imagination will only make our wounds deep. Everyone should make peace with past at some point of time to grow as a person.

How to make peace with it?

It starts with making quality of choices. Consciously choose only to hold on the feelings that make you really happy. Notably, by holding on to the feelings that were caused to in the past, you keep all the negativity inside you. Once you decide to throw them out, the cleansing process starts.

Once you will decide to let go, you begin to make peace with the past. By doing this you will allow good things to come to your way. You will also get the joy and happiness you deserve.

Leave the past behind and keep moving

Steps to make peace with the past

    • Write down all your bad memories on a piece of paper. Revisit your past, irrespective how painful they may have been. Make a list, it may be difficult for you but it will definitely help you to make peace with past in a long run.
    • Do not try to change the past: Never try to change your past just accept the way it is. If you continue to battle in your mind about the things that happened in the past, you are only the person who is been affected with this.
    • Look at the bright side: Sit quietly at a clam place. And just think about the bright side of the traumatic event. Try figure out what you have learnt from your past experience. Maybe you have now become a stronger person? Maybe now you can help a lot of people because you have gone through the same experience?
Cry out your heart and let it go
  • Forgive and let go: You cannot live your present without making peace with the past, and you can’t make peace with your past until you forgive. Forgiving is all about you and it has nothing do with the person or people who have hurt you. Forgiving and letting them go will unburden your heart. Forgiving is the difficult thing in this world to do but it is an important part of healing process. Holding on to a grudge means surrending yourself to the control of others. So to take control of your life, it is important to forgive.
  • Be Focused : The moment you decide that you want to make peace with your past half of your work is done. But you don’t have any control on your thoughts, so the negative thoughts may come back to you. The best way to keep them away from you is to ignore them. Let them come and go but don’t focus on them. Stay focused towards your goal of staying happy.
  • Meditate: We keep on thinking and our mind doesn’t get relaxation. It has endless work to do. So to just relax your mind, one should practice mediation. Let your thoughts pass like wind. Just notice what kind of thoughts are coming to your mind, if they are still negative and associated from the past, revisit your past and repeat the exercise again and again to become completely peaceful.

Just remember Happiness is a choice and its upto us whether we want to stay happy or not? Life doesn’t wait for anyone so just keep moving!

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