Is Your Child Psychologically Healthy!

Is Your Child Psychologically Healthy!

Is Your Child Psychologically Healthy!

You try your best to make your child happy by providing everything they want. You take care of every small issues related to them and their health is always a priority for you. So, is it enough to make them physically healthy?

As a parent it is important to know psychological health of your child because this plays a vital role in nurturing of your child as they grow and mature.

Character traits of a child are developed through his/ her psychological health. Sometimes it may have a deep effect on the personality of child.

Is Your Child Psychologically Healthy!

One of the best ways to understand your child is to observe them while they are performing any activity.

“You can observe them while they play, sleep or even when they have their meal. Increase your communication with your child, if he/ she is very young try to understand their expressions this really help you”, says Dr. Reshma Sharma

Sometimes, parents ignore particular actions showed by their children, such as their child is not socializing with others or take time to adjust with others. They think this is common and with the passage of time their child will learn all this. But if this happens for a long time, parents should take it seriously.

Is Your Child Psychologically Healthy!

They should try to find out the root cause and give importance to these issues as they give to academic and health issues.

“My daughter is very shy and fear to talk to people, I regularly communicate with her but I don’t know why she feel shy talking to others and when we force her to do so, she becomes aggressive. Finally, I decided to consult a child psychologist and she have a regular session with her”, says Romila Goswami

Also, parents often feel consulting to a psychologist is a bad option due to the stigma attach to it. But if psychological problems are not resolves at initial age it can cause devastating results.

Is Your Child Psychologically Healthy!

Usually parents fail to understand that when their child have a serious problem.

There are some symptoms that can be observed:
Problem of adjustment in more than one places.( at school, at home, with peers)
Changes in appetite and in sleep order.
Social withdrawal

If your child is also suffering from all these symptoms he/she might not be psychologically fit.

So, what you can do as your part of nurturing?
Show lots of love and acceptance
Praise them when they do well
Help them to set realistic goals

“Every time problems are not serious but if your child talk about suicide or a thought of harming himself/ herself you should consult a doctor”, says Reshma Sharma

Not just take care of their physical health but also their mental health that largely contributes in their personality development. Take an initiative and be a conscious parent.

Picture Credits : Kuldeep Pundhir, Oneworldnews

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