Is someone stalking you? Few mature ways to get rid of stalkers

Here are few mature ways to get rid of stalkers

Stalking has become an easy task for some creepy people. Stalking is one of the most feared terms today, and it is important to understand exactly what a stalker is. A stalker is a person who madly follows other individual, whether physically or virtually, where the person who is being stalked is usually reduced to the position of a victim, whereas the person, who is the stalker, is usually threatening in nature. Today, we will tell you some mature ways to get rid of stalkers.

How to get rid of stalkers
How to get rid of stalkers

It has become very difficult to identify stalkers nearby us. Because stalking is not a disorder. Stalker acts normally. The moment you find that someone is stalking you, you should learn some ways to get rid of them. Stalking does not always mean someone following you on the road. Stalking tendencies also include a multitude of options such as stalking your cyber presence through various social media websites or sending you spam emails or sending lewd messages. This type of stalking behaviour is known as cyber stalking.

One of the most common forms of stalking is, however, physical stalking, where you are followed, and in extreme cases. Well, this is an extreme case. Now the most common type of stalking is cyber one. As it has become the trend now to share some personal information on our personal account that can be easily accessible.

So, before we discuss some points to get rid of stalkers, you have to know whether the person you feel threatened by is actually a stalker or not. You must not take any action against anyone and everyone who contacts you, outside your immediate social circle. You may have an old friend who is trying to get in touch. That is not considered stalking. A stalker is only someone who repeatedly follows you, virtually or otherwise, and harasses you to the point where you fear for your safety.

Maturely handle the situation
Maturely handle the situation

So, here are some handy solutions to get rid of them:

1. Maintain a self-distance

Most importantly you have to maintain a self-distance from the stalker. The first thing you should do is, maintain a safe, physical distance from your stalker. You can do this by making sure that you do not give them too much attention. This a good way to get rid of stalkers. But don’t cut off. Make sure that you do not give your stalker the satisfaction of knowing that you are worried, and more importantly, aware of their presence

2. Avoid sharing your personal information

It’s good if you are an expressive person but sometimes it is a major drawback. It is always nice to be polite and friendly with people. However, your goodness and over-familiarity with complete strangers might be the reason your stalker is able to stalk you more effectively.

3. Change your contact information

It’s not always that a stalker is a complete stranger to you. Sometimes a bad relationship can make your boyfriend or girlfriend a stalker. Change your contact information immediately. This is especially important if your stalker is your ex, or someone you were acquainted with in the past. They may have a lot of vital information regarding your life, whether it is your cell phone number or your email ID. Share your new contact number with close ones only.

4. Totally ignore their attempts to contact you.

As we discussed above that the easiest way of a stalker is to contact you directly via cell phones or social networking sites. The best thing you can do is ignore all their attempts at contacting you. If they call, do not pick up. Do not even cut the call, which indicates that you are aware of them calling you. Thus can cause serious problem. Do not even open the things that they send you, whether it is a letter, an email or a package. This might give them wrong indication.

5. Give a twist to your routine, do not visit the same place at a fix time

Yes, you have to do this. If you are being stalked, you should know that the person who is stalking you is able to do so because he knows your daily routine, your schedules, and the places which you visit regularly, making it easier for him to follow you around. Change your routine. We are not saying don’t visit that places. Just change the timings.

6. If the stalker is a person you know, notify your friends and family

Most of the time stalkers are the one you already know. Most of the time, the person who stalks you is someone in the capacity of an ex-lover or the like, where they are unable to let go of your role in their lives, or are unable to get closure because of which they stalk you to transfer some of the pain they feel to you in the form of stalking, inconvenience, and harassment. If you know them already then immediately contact your parents.

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