Is sleeping during daytime good or bad? 5 important things to know

Five advantages and disadvantages if you sleep during the day

Getting enough sleep at night is important for us to live a healthy and prosperous life. It is needful as it is a natural cyclic state of resting for the mind and the body. Less sleep can put you at a higher risk of certain health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, weight gain, and more. Surely, sleep plays an important role in overall health and well-being of it. But many people have this question in mind – Is sleeping during daytime good or bad?

It is very confusing for so many of us to find about the amount of sleep during the daytime. After all, we all get different opinions from different people. Few say that sleeping in the daytime is important while others say that it could have bad impacts on your daily routine. But, today we are going to clear any sorts of that confusion in this article by telling you advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let’s start with the Advantages first:

  1. Reports suggest that taking a short nap for 30 minutes during the day can actually boost the memory and improve mood.
  1. Not just the memory, it can also improve concentration, helping you to become more alert.
  1. Sleeping during the day can also bring calmness to your nervous system, helping you to relax and remain calm. It is also believed that daytime sleep can help you deal with anger issues.
  1. By sleeping during the day, your blood sugar can naturally be lowered. Because not getting enough sleep can lead to elevated cortisol, the stress hormone, causing your arteries to narrow and even constrict. This could result in higher blood pressure.
  1. As per the Ayurveda, sleeping can also accelerate the process of curing in people who have undergone surgery in the past.

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Disadvantages of sleeping during the daytime

  1. Day sleeps are not for people who are struggling with insomnia – a sleep disorder that can affect a person’s daily activities.
  1. Sleeping in the day can interfere with your nighttime sleep.
  1. People who have problems like obesity, depression or trying to lose weight should also avoid day sleep as it might worsen these problems.
  1. Waking up after asleep during the daytime might make you feel disoriented and groggy.
  1. When you sleep during the day, it might affect your daytime routine and kill your time, if you sleep for long hours.

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