Is online dating safe? Expert tips to raise your odds of success

Dating someone is a wonderful phase of life but it is important that you find the right person

‘Internet’ is the word which has redefined the lifestyle of today’s generation. It has made the entire planet accessible with just one click of mouse. From shopping to making friends to finding your partner yes, even finding a partner for yourself!!! Internet, apart from so many other opportunities, offers the privilege of online dating, the latest emerging trend for finding partners. Youngsters have grown a significant positive attitude towards online dating.

Generally, people feel online dating is not safe and therefore, hesitate to make new friends on the social networking sites although, it is a right thought because there are countless fake online dating sites and it becomes difficult to pick anyone truth worthy. Just as everything in this world has both pros and cons, so does online dating. Yet, majority of the youth today are smart enough to surf safe. They are pretty confident while choosing their partners on the online dating websites.

“Love is a wonderful feeling, people who find true love are lucky and I am one of the luckiest people because I have my love with me and that through online dating, I met my better half on internet we dated each other for three months and now it has been four years since we are together and our love is still the same. I am blessed to have a wife like her in my life and thanks to internet through which this became possible. Net is such a boon for the society I mean it has really changed my life” says Mohit Arora

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When it comes to choosing our perfect partner, we all become very conscious, we want space, a platform where we can get candid with the girl or guy we are dating but some people just can’t do that face to face so internet is only the place which provides such opportunity. Yes, of course cyber romance is interesting and is the newbie of the young world and people across the globe are opting to have cyber relationships as they give them more opportunity to harvest happiness, which they usually do not get from their friends and family.

Dating someone is a wonderful phase of life but it is important that you find the right person and have good compatibility with him or her. Whatever you are seeking, be it a long term commitment or a short time hook up or something between them, there are certain things for you that you can do to raise your odds of success.

Be honest: Don’t flaunt yourself if you are 35 don’t try to pass yourself to 25. Tell about yourself honestly to other person but do not share your personal details without verifying his/ her background.

• If you know what you are looking for then just narrow your search and surfing to lots of sites would be a fruitless job.

• Pick the right dating website by which we mean sites which are recommended by friends, family or acquaintances and where you can verify the physical office of the website.

• Don’t upload your pictures on any random websites also; don’t exchange them until you accomplish trust on the person you are dating.

Being in a relationship is a wonderful feeling in itself, we all want to have honest soul mate but if he is not, it is not a secret that internet is also home to nefarious people. So, always be aware of scammers, liars and perverts.

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“I was dating a guy on the internet and I was really serious for him. I dated him for the 3 months and then I asked him to meet, he denied but eventually he agreed. When I met him I was very disappointed because he was not the same person whom I was dating he used to send me pictures of his friend. I really felt cheated not because he was not that handsome but because he lied.’’ says Ritu Raina.

Well, internet can become boon or curse for an individual if it has positive impacts and can help you to connect with thousands of good people at a time on the contrary it can also bring out some devastating result by destroying many lives.

So, is searching a partner on internet safe?

It is not about safe or not safe internet it is all about how much you are aware. Trusting your partner is good but blind trust can be dangerous. If you are planning to mingle just use your common sense and be confident and surely you will meet your right one.

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