5 reasons why love at first sight can be a disastrous thing!

Love at first sight: Is it even possible?

Well, love is an eternal bond between the two Individuals. Being in love definitely gives you goosebumps, Isn’t it?  It is probably the most beautiful feeling on this planet. Being loved or loving someone can give you an immense satisfaction and solace for sure. But the important question here is, ‘Do you believe in love at first sight?’ How can a person fall in love with another person who is completely stranger to him/her? Without knowing about his or her background, how can you have such a strong feeling for someone? Practically, it is impossible. At least, one should have sufficient amount of knowledge about the person they feel for.

Here, are following reasons why ‘Love at first sight’ is totally impossible and dangerous!

1. We don’t have time to test character: When we rush into a relationship, we may not take the time to really get to know the person, especially their inner qualities which is really important to start a relationship. It is easy for anyone to put up as a good person for a short while, but it is only after time and trials that a person’s true colors shine through. If we do not take the time to test another’s character, we may get into difficult or even dangerous situations. Take your time to know the person properly.

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2. We get caught up in the cobweb of feelings: Everyone enjoys the physical rush of a new relationship, and it is all too easy to get caught up in those tingling, wonderful emotions and let them dictate our actions instead of operating with sound logic and thinking. That magical quality of love, while nice, can lead to rash and sometimes foolish decisions. So, be an intellectual person.

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3. We neglect solid foundation of Friendship: When a couple jumps into a relationship based on feelings and physical attraction, that often comes at the detriment of forming a friendship first. Without a friendship to glue a relationship together, we are left with a shallow relationship when the feelings and physical attraction fades away. Friendship is a foremost stage of kicking a relationship.

4. We overlook potential problems: Every couple will have challenges at some point, disagreements, conflicts that need addressing. But when we fall fast and furiously in love, we are more prone to overlook problems, to minimize differences, or to make excuses for behavior.

5. Love should never develop by sight: Lust after him all day long, but realize that the emotion of love is not rendered through the eyes. Love should take a little time and a considerable amount of actual interaction. If you are going to love him, you actually need to talk to him.

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