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Covid-19 cases increase but Malls, Restaurants, and places of worship reopens is it a wise decision?

Know if India has taken a wise decision by opening malls and restaurants amid rising COVID-19 cases

Amid the rising cases of coronavirus, India has started to unlock restaurants, hotels, places of worship, and malls from Monday in most regions of the country. After more than 70-days break, these will start operating keeping the palpable sense of nervousness about the challenges ahead along with social distancing and good hygiene-practice.

The decision to reopen malls, restaurants, hotels, and places of worship will give a sigh of relief to the owners as they were left with no business for more than 70 days. Many of the owners were giving high rents in all these months but couldn’t get anything back.

Problem for Restaurants

However, the problem for restaurant owners is the timing of closure at 9 pm. Most of the business of restaurants depend upon the delivery of food as people are not comfortable with dine-in in the restaurant. But the timing of closing the restaurants is 9 pm which means they have to stop taking orders after 7:00 or 7:30. After ordering, they have to prepare the food and then deliver before 9 pm.  Most of the business of restaurants is night-based as people usually order for dinner.

The main concern for India is the rising numbers of Coronavirus cases. The curve is still showing an upward trend but we have no other option than unlocking things to fuel the economy.

When European countries opened its malls and restaurants

If we compare the Indian scenario with some European countries that are also easing restrictions then there is a massive difference in the graph of the curve when they have unlocked, and when we are unlocking. The coronavirus graph of Spain, Italy, and the UK is going down which means the number of cases is coming down day by day. In India, the number of cases is increasing day by day. India witnesses 9,873 new cases on Sunday. A week earlier we were getting about 7,000 new cases every day. Two weeks earlier, we were getting 5,000 new cases every day.

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 Our testing rate has increased and we are on the fourth number across the world in total testing numbers with more than 47,50,000 tests. We are testing at approx. 1,35,000 people every day now. But the tests per million population is still very low. We have done only 3,462 tests per million (10 lakhs) population. This means that still there are a large number of people who are not tested.

Some experts believe that India has still not reached the peak of the coronavirus cases. Even though we are almost getting 10,000 new cases every day now.

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