Is it time to separate politics from campuses?


All Indian political parties have a strong student union base, where they create and nurture cadres, be it the much in news ABVP of BJP, or NSUI of the Congress, or other versions of other parties. All make their presence felt on the campuses across the nation.


A huge amount of money is also spent by the respective political parties to ensure that their ‘union’ gets elected, often accompanied with extravagant spending, and violence.

The recent unfortunate ‘happening’ in Hyderabad, where a young life was unnecessarily lost on the altar of political ego is a case in point.

One would assume that people go to colleges and universities to increase their education and knowledge, to lead better, productive lives as civilised members of society.

However, with the intervention of political parties, who are looking at the long term business prospect of increasing their shareholder base, such lofty ideals are often ignored, as has been evidenced time and again, including, more recently the student strike at FTII Pune, which lasted a few months.

Has the time arrived, or overdue to ban all political parties from campuses, and establish criteria for people standing for student government, which would make it difficult or even redundant for politicians from interfering with the careers and lives of students?

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