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Is IPL Really Mandatory When People are Dying due to COVID?

Can IPL not wait? Is IPL Really Mandatory When People are Dying Due to COVID?

‘IPL is a ritual’ Right? Just like Kumbh Mela was. Holi Celebration was. Election rallies are. Right? A ritual can’t be compromised, no matter how difficult the situation becomes. Right? Just like Kumbh Mela or election rallies have been conducted, despite them being a super spreader, so should the IPL be. Right? Well, a single IPL match is not literally a gathering of just 22 people playing a game. To conduct a match successfully, there is a workforce of at least a hundred people, involved in preparing for the smooth conduct of a match. Besides, each day, teams are relocating. No matter how strongly the sanitation measures are being followed, is there no probability that the players can get affected? And, Is IPL Really Mandatory When People are Dying Due to COVID.

India is recording more than 3 lakh cases every day since the last week. The death rate has been unbelievably increasing. 2,366 has been the death average for the last seven days. If this is not scary, then we wonder what is. The governments are imposing lockdowns, are making only the essential services mandatory. And at places, where lockdowns have not been imposed, stepping out only for essential services goes without saying. So, coming to IPL, is it an essential service? Is IPL really mandatory? Can people really find solace watching IPL when they are losing someone each passing day?

Resources being spent on IPL

IPL is a well-organized event where each day, for each match, crores are being spent, resources are being exploited and more than anything, human resources have been put to risk their lives. At a time of a health emergency like that of COVID, investing a big chunk of resources on IPL, can that be justified.

We are in the midst of a breakdown of Covid-19 and it is only getting worse. Even as a cricket fan I can’t feel that it is justified for BCCI to be conducting IPL. The government sure has to put resources in conducting such a big league as well as they are putting the lives of everyone involved in the league including but not limited to the cricketers and their family. – Mrinal Mandal, a cricket fan.

Well, it is not like the Cricketers are not showing up to speak about the issue.

Pat Cummins, yesterday tweeted this message where he has mentioned how the situation is affecting him, and even donate a sum total of $50,000. In his tweet, he mentions that he has been advised that the Indian Government is of the view that watching IPL provides the population a few hours of joy and respite.

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Adam Gilchrist, in his tweet, poses this decent question.

And this social media user perfectly questions what is happening, and what is going to happen. Even to maintain the bio bubble for the conduct of a match, frontline workers will be required, no matter what.

Well, the note is now to BCCI, the questions are now on the government. Is it going to allow the IPL ritual, just the way it allowed other rituals, the Kumbh Mela, the political rallies. The question is for the capitalist members of the society, are they going to keep on spending millions each day a leisure activity, when people are being expected to pay for the vaccine which can be a lifesaver. There are surely other ways in which the government can ensure the leisure and mental wellbeing of people. And those ways are for sure, less super spreader than IPL. But all these are just questions.

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