The world in the past few decades has become a lot more interconnected than ever before. It takes only a few seconds for information to travel from one corner of the world to the other and a mishap here can cause consequences thousands of miles away.

Cyber terrorism


This free flow of ideas, goods, people, and capital has also raised the question of security. One of the questions that every person, be it a politician, an economist or a wage labourer has in his or her mind is that of their safety. Now, what happens when a person sitting thousands of miles away from me controls the button of your life? What happens when one single message or tweet in the social media is capable of starting a communal violence?

Terrorism is considered as a comparatively new source of threat which basically puts global and human security at risk. The governments of all the countries today are putting a lot of effort into tackling this situation and have put a lot of resources into it.

What is globalization doing


Precisely speaking, before the 9/11, terrorism was still a hush-hush matter, it was discussed at lengths by members in parliament sessions or summits or committees of the United Nations alone. After the 9/11 the world has become more aware of what terrorism is and how it poses great threat to us.

The major reason for this can be the fact that the beginning of 21st Century was also the time globalization had kicked in. Globalization has acted as a catalyst for terrorism. The fact that world is easily connected and there is free flow of basically everything is what these terrorists have used to their advantage. Another way through which globalization has increased terrorism is that the consequences of globalization have not been even. Globalization has increased if not lessen the disparity between the rich and poor, it has decreased the common identity of people and has also threatened the indigenous cultures of many.

worldwide terrorism


This disparity finds itself the major cause as to why we are constantly under attack. Many terrorists feel that they need to choose such options as they need to protect their culture. The reason why terrorism takes place can be many, but, the real question is- what can we do to prevent it? The government has taken various steps to decrease such activities and it can only be hoped that in the coming years terrorism will be reduced a significant amount.

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