Is Gautam Gambhir using a duplicate in campaign!


Manish Sisodia attacked BJP’s Candidate for using duplicate during campaigns

Manish Sisodia attacked Gautam Gambhir on using a duplicate for campaigning as he is uncomfortable with the heat. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister alleged on Friday on the ongoing tussle between AAP and BJP for the controversial pamphlet against Atishi.

Kapil, AAP’s Social Media team member tweeted a pic which started the controversy

Kapil, A member of Social Media team of AAP tweeted a pic of ex-cricketer sitting in a car and his duplicate standing with a cap and addressing the people in the rally.

Mr. Sisodia posted a tweet in Hindi “Have heard about stunt double in movies, have heard about a runner in cricket but seeing a campaign duplicate is the first time for me”.

Sisodia said BJP and Congress are in collusion

He also attacked BJP and Congress saying they both are associated as the person who was standing as a duplicate is a former Congress Candidate for MCD election 2018. He wrote” Party workers are greeting the duplicate with a garland of flowers by interpreting him as real Gautam Gambhir and the real one is sitting in AC.

Atishi has earlier slammed Gautam Gambhir for not condemning the derogatory pamphlet. She had also raised technical objections against the world cup champion’s nomination. The objections were turned down by the EC.

Atishi broke down during a Press Conference

Atishi broke down in a press conference on Thursday saying “If Gambhir can fall to this level for defeating a strong woman like me how he would ensure safety for an MP?  This comment came in reference to pamphlets with religious and sexist attacks against the AAP candidate from East Delhi.

Gautam Gambhir has denied the allegation and sent a defamation notice to AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, and Aatishi through Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and her daughter Sonali Jaitley.

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Deputy CM will return a Defamation suit to Gautam

Manish Sisodia replied and said he will send a defamation suit against the former KKR captain as it was AAP’s candidate and the party which were being defamed

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