Is Broken Heart Syndrome Real? Easy ways to heal your heart

Ever experienced broken heart Syndrome? It’s real!

Well, love is a beautiful feeling. Being in love with someone gives us most amazing feeling of the world but frequent breakups and exploited relationships can lead us to experience broken heart syndrome as well. Valentine’s Day is not always a candy-coated day of love and romance. For many who have lost a loved one, suffered a breakup or are on the verge of separation or divorce, this day is not that sweet for them. Learning about Broken Heart Syndrome can help you to heal from your love trauma.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Here are Unknown facts about Broken Heart Syndrome!

• Profound emotional sadness does not just weigh heavy on your mind. It significantly impacts your body.

• The depths of being heart-broken lowers your immune system, increases blood pressure and heart rate and causes significant muscle weakness.

• Stress from heartbreak grief can flood the body with hormones, specifically Cortisol, which causes that heavy-achy-feeling you get in your chest area. One can experience frequent chest pain.

• The heartache that comes from lost love can increase the likelihood of a heart attack. In fact, a recent study has shown that a person suffering from love trauma has a bigger risk of getting a heart stroke.

• The actual medical term for this deeply emotional mind/body experience is called Stress Cardiomyopathy also known as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. The colloquial term: A broken heart.

• Women are ten times more likely to suffer from Broken Heart Syndrome than men. They are more emotionally weak than men.

How to heal yourself?

Prevention of Broken Heart Syndrome

• Take control. Prepare yourself for the holiday crush that comes from television, radio, online and in print. Limit your exposure to such things if the overblown seasonal attention becomes too much.

• Take stock in knowing that you are not alone in feeling lonely, letdown or unhappy during this time. Many are quietly suffering from this just like you. You are not alone.

• Do not hold in your emotional pain. Studies show that expressing emotions greatly reduces the body’s stress response. Try to unburden your emotional distress.

• Do not put a time limit on your grief. And do not let others set one for you either. Your healing time for this love trauma is uniquely yours.

• Make sure you tend to your physical needs. Softness, warmth, and touch can be healing.

• Do not ignore chronic aches or pains. Check in with your physician to make sure that you are medically fit. It may be indicating towards another serious problem.

• Make sure you eat well, choosing healthy foods to keep you nourished during difficult times.

• A broken heart leaves many people feeling stunned and stuck. Move. Get out of bed. Take a shower. Go for a walk.   Feel the sun on your face.

• Do not forget spiritual side. Meditation and prayer can help you to heal from broken heart syndrome

• Above all, remember: A broken heart does not make you unlovable. At this moment in time, you are healing. But remind yourself to be open when love presents itself again.

Broken heart syndrome is real. It is triggered by very stressful situations, like the death of someone you love.
Your doctor may call this stress-induced cardiomyopathy. Other things that can trigger it include:
• Surgery
• Serious illness
• Money problems
• Car accidents
• Emotional memories
• Shockingly, It can even happen after a good shock, like winning the lottery or a surprise party.

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What actually happens?

It is thought that when you have broken heart syndrome, a part of your heart called the left ventricle temporarily weakens and stops pumping well. Experts also believe that your coronary arteries, which feed oxygen to your heart muscle, spasm. This can cause chest pain. If broken heart syndrome is not treated, it can be as deadly as a heart attack. This is a scientific explanation of Broken Heart Syndrome.

The most common signs are chest pain and shortness of breath. You may feel like you are having a heart attack. You may also have:
• Dizziness or fainting
• Low blood pressure
• Nausea
• An irregular heartbeat
Usually, symptoms start anywhere up to a few hours after you have had stress or shock.

Do not give up hope

Who gets more affected?
Women are much more likely to have broken heart syndrome than men, especially women who are over 50. This could be a result of lower estrogen levels, but doctors are still not sure.
Experts also believe that genetics may make some people more likely to get broken heart syndrome.

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Broken heart syndrome is treatable. Your doctor will prescribe medicines used to treat things like heart failure. For example:
• ACE inhibitors
• Beta-blockers
• Diuretics (water pills)
These drugs can help your heart while it recovers.

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