Iraq declares emergency due to ice rain

Iraq has been a lot in the news over the decades, but all of it for fighting, killing and wars, due to which a state of emergency has become a norm rather than exception in this oil rich, war torn middle east nation.

However, for the first time, probably in the nation’s history, has a state of emergency been declared due to excess rain.

Iraq is a hot, dry place, with large tracts covered by desert. Rainfall in this area is very rare. However, this year, Iraq has faced an unprecedented amount of rain and ice storms, which have forced the country to declare emergency.

Iraqi citizens were shocked to see rivers of ice flowing through the flat desert landscape, carrying huge chunks of hailstones. This sudden deluge, alongwith hailstones the size of golf balls took the country by surprise, damaged property, and injured unsuspecting people, creating a shortage in medical facilities.

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