Why this IPL has opened doors for Women’s T20 challenge


Women’s T20 challenge as whole tournament might be in pipelines

Sports simply mean Cricket in India. People of India don’t just play and watch they kinda live it. In a recent interview to ESPN Cricinfo, Brendon McCullum said that India is the soul of Cricket currently. People love the players and have an emotional connect with the game and people who are related to it.

Cricket has lots of money involved with it

Indian Winning the world cup 1983 opened doors for cricket popularity in India. The young Sachin Tendulkar helped the game to have commercial aspects. When there were only radio and television, the governing body of cricket didn’t have many ways to earn revenue. The inception of the cable network and D2H brought commercials and advertisements which brought money for cricket Industry. Internet and online streaming made things easier and opened doors for more advertisements which resulted in more money. Cricket has lots of money involved in it. One could have only imagined earning approx 3 crores for a single post on Instagram but this is what Virat Kholi charges for one Insta Post.

India has one of the best infrastructures for Cricket

When India was failing at all other games, Cricket was emerging and helping India economically. With more money administrators were able to establish a better structure for young Cricketers. Now, India has one of the best infrastructures for this game. Better structure at junior level has helped India in producing many young talented cricketers.

But while we were cheering for MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar we forgot Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami. We forgot that they are also a part of our Cricketing world. Women’s cricket hasn’t got the due credit till now but now it seems things are changing. All the cricket fans were equally excited when Captain Mithali Raj’s team was taking on England in the finale of ICC Women’s World Cup, 2017.

Hotstar witnessed more than 8 million viewers in last women’s World Cup

Over 8 million people were watching the finale on Hotstar App which was almost equal to the number of people watching the finals of IPL 2017.  Although we lost the world cup by 9 runs all the women from the team were celebrated across India.

Last year a match was organized between Trailblazers and Supernovas and with all the Indian stars and few foreign players. The Women’s T20 challenge was only one match affair last time but this year the richest governing body of cricket, BCCI is organizing 4 matches long tournament.

Supernovas and velocity to lock horns in Final on 11th May

This time, three teams who are locking horns. Supernovas lead by “Harmanpreet Kaur” and Velocity led by veteran “Mithali Raj” has made into finals after playing 2 matches each amongst them and with Trailblazers. The finals is scheduled a day before IPL finals on 11th May. Tickets for all these matches are free and good numbers of footfalls are being witnessed.

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Women’s T20 challenge on the cards

Men’s IPL has massive popularity and BCCI is making good use of this platform to increase women’s cricket popularity. Women’s Big Bash League has attracted eyeballs in Australia. BCCI might be looking to explore Women’s own cricket league in coming times.

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