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IPL 2014

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Indian Premier League has non-arguably become the most awaited cricket series of the world. In the last 6 years it has been in news not only for the involvement of stars, money, glamour or game but for it’s never ending series of controversies as well.


This year too, IPL auction 2014 made the headlines when many top rated batsman, bowlers and all-rounder remained unsold although it gave a chance to many new faces. In addition, a huge criticism followed Royal Challengers Bengal’s decision of spending Rs 14 crore on cricketer Yuvraj Singh, when the same money could have been used to pay the outstanding salary of many of Mallya’s employees. Where some people feel that ‘it’s his (Mallya’s) money, his choice’ many other urge Yuvraj Singh to not to join RCB because on moral grounds.

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Moreover many a speculations are being made on the topic of whether the 7th IPL will be played on Indian soil or not, due to upcoming General Elections in the country. Providing adequate security may become a problem during the election and therefore BCCI is busy choosing the backups. Although it is indicated that South Africa, which also hosted 2nd IPL in 2009 is the first preference, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are also in the list. However, India is the first choice for everyone, since it has one of the strongest fan following. The officials also want to maintain the trend of ‘playing in the home town’ of the teams, which increases the spirit of competitiveness among the masses.




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