Interview with Munnawar Rana

Modern Hindi and Urdu poet, Munnawar Rana is one such personality, who is an expert in triggering one’s emotion and recently One World News got an exclusive to talk to him. Munnawar Rana shares how he decided to portray mother as beloved in his poetry and how he stood by the criticism and strong opposition, which this experiment invited.

Nevertheless, his very famous poetry ‘Maa’ touched every heart and celebrated the warmth of mother’s love.

He shared his views on future of Urdu, scope in Urdu poetry and answered many other significant questions.


Munnawar Rana, Picture Credit: Kuldeep Pundhir

1. What is the future of Urdu poetry?

There was a time when Urdu only expressed a man’s love for his beloved with extensive mention of physical beauty. But the times have changed now and Urdu is adapting, this is why we are all hopeful that Urdu will always remain as alive and lively as it is now and as it was. It is important for our young generation to love and celebrate our country, culture, tradition, language and skills.

2. English language has this advantage that it is available on I-phone, I-pad, and social media sites but that is not the case with Urdu font. Do you think it brings down the popularity of Urdu?

Definitely! But as of now it is more important for Urdu to remain alive rest of the things are secondary just as the first concern of a doctor is to save the patient. If Urdu language exists it hints at the fact that Urdu will survive.

Whether the script of Urdu will come back or not is for future to decide but in my opinion it will come back because no language can sustain without script.

There are many words, which cannot be understood without their script. Urdu is not just a language it is a culture. Words like Adab, takleb are words of culture. You can imagine the extent to which people value Urdu language. Urdu also helps you understbnt the history of India better, Urdu words have been used even in Ramcharitmanas.

Urdu has in total 112 words of its own and this makes Urdu speavial that it kept the words intect, 77% of the Urdu words come from Hindi. It is important for a language to be wide and open because Nadish Pratap Gadi ji once said: “Juban hoti hai gao ki goriyo ki tarah, juban hoti hai mao ki loriyo ki tarah.” A language is like a daughter, a mother especially Urdu, which originated and flourished here and this is why it is alive in our hearts because most of the patriotic songs were sung and written in Urdu “Sarfaroshi ki tamana ab humare dil me hai, dekhna hai jor kitna bajuye katil me hai.”

3. Which all love your poetry please share a few lines with us.

“Lipat jatya hoon ma se or masi muskurati hai, me urdu me gajal pdhta hoon or hindi muskurati hai. Uchalte khelte bachpan me beta dhundhti hogi tabnhi to dekhkr pote ko dadi muskurati hai.”

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