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In Conversation with Jimmy Shergill

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Actor Jimmy Shergill who is the heartthrob of thousands of people and known for his versatile roles in movies like Saheb Biwi aur Gangster, Bullet Raja, Tanu weds Manu, Maachis, Special-26, got candid with One World News about his upcoming movies, dreams, fears, future plans and much more..

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Ques 1. For the first time you have been a part of horror genre. How did that come about?

I was first approached for Darr @ The Mall while shooting for Bullet Raja. But due to dates and my get-up during that time I refused it, since you won’t find a security guard in long hair. After my shooting was wrapped up they reproached, and I was sold when I read the script. I called them at mid-night and the first thing I said was “Likh to diya hai. Bana loge? (will you be able to make, what you have written?)”. But the story was so descriptive with dependable names like Pavan Kripalani, MSM Motion Pictures and Contiloe Entertainment, I decided to say yes!


Que2. How was your experience of working with Nushrat Bharucha?

Very good, in fact the whole team was wonderful. Nushrat already has an experience of a couple of films but it was a first film for nearly the rest of the cast. The most beautiful thing was that if it was written in the script that Nanao has curly, long hair, a typical south Mumbai boy, the actor matched the description to the T. Then they were trained for around two months and they did wonderful.


Que3. Do you believe in ‘100 Crore Club’ which has become the touchstone to measure the success of the movie?

I do not have that burden on my shoulders, he laughs, so I do not have any tension about it. However, it is a great thing because movies are made to do business and entertain people. Today, people support what they like. Movies like Saheb biwi aur Gangster, Paan Singh Tomaar, Gangs of Waseypur and other commercial films are also being accepted and appreciated. Being, well received by audience is what matters the most.


Que4. What do you have to say to people who are afraid of horror genre?

Please watch the movie. I feel that the camera angle and background music gives character to horror movies, so if you will close your ears, you won’t be afraid. If nothing else the movie will teach you all the different ways you can exit from a mall, he laughs.


Que5. What is the one difference that you like between Hindi and Punjabi film industry?

There is no difference other than the language. Even the technicians are from Mumbai, he laughs. Therefore, the only difference is that Hindi movies are in Hindi and Punjabi movies are in Punjabi.


Que6. You have produced Punjabi movies, do you have any plans to produce Hindi movies?

Presently, I am enjoying my phase as an actor. I feel movie production is a full time job. One has to be there, understand things and cannot leave them in the hands of others. So right now, I am concentrating on acting because I feel that the audiences’ tastes have changed, because of which more interesting roles are coming up for actors. So, I would rather enjoy this phase as an actor than to go into production.


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