Interview tips: 5 things that can get you hired

5 things that can get you hired: Important things to keep when you go for an interview

Are you worried about what you carry while going for an interview? Are you confused about how you need to carry yourself for this interview? Well, let us tell you some interview tips, an interview is not merely an organised conversation with a bunch of industry experts. It is an interaction with the human resource managers, sitting there to judge every human as a resource for their organisation. Maybe it will sound a little disturbing to you, but they are there to judge you. Hence, it is very important to carry your best form in the interview hall. 5 things that can get you hired.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of top 5 things that can get you hired 

1. Walk-in with good research of the  organisation and the Job profile that is offered to you

The first thing you need to do whenever you are being called for an interview is to study about the inside and out of your organisation. Before going into that room, make sure you know enough about the organisation, its objectives, its presence in the market and its work culture. Also, check the job description of the job title you are being invited for.

2. Several copies of your resume and portfolio

The first thing, you specifically need to carry for an interview is your resume. Well, when we say resume, we don’t really mean sheets of paper bragging and boasting about you. Your resume is the reflection of your work. It represents who you are, what you believe in, and a lot about your experiences and interests. Also, keep the job description in your mind and see if there is any requirement for customization.

3. Be presentable, dress up well and take your confidence along

Well, a lot of people have this notion that the presentation doesn’t matter. They feel like how can my appearance will make a difference in my skills. Though the bitter fact is,  appearance does matter. There is a valid reason for it. You must have heard that “the first impression is the last impression”. If you walk in with a shabby dress for an interview, then it will create a derogatory image of you in the minds of the interviewer. Be confident, wear a smile with an apt formal dress.

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4. A pen and a notepad

I know,  you must be thinking why a pen and a notepad. Well, there can be many reasons for it. A lot of times, in the panel discussion round, there comes a need for making notes. Secondly, even if it is a personal interview, the interviewer might ask you to write something or the other on the basis of your job profile. For instance, if you are there for a digital marketing post, they may ask to sketch out a campaign to improve the digital presence or to explain the flaws in the present layout etc.

5. Questions for your hiring manager

At the end of the interview, you generally get this question ” Anything from your side” or “Any Question” from the hiring manager. So, ideally, you should be ready with your question. It is always okay for a hiring manager if you are not asking anything. But if you will ask him/her any intelligent question, it will give a good impression on them. Although, there are chances that you will get your questions while the interview is being conducted. But to be on the safer side, you need to get your questions in advance.

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