International Women’s Day Special: Stop stereotyping us!

8th March marks International Women’s Day

On Wednesday we all will celebrate International Women’s Day all across the globe. It is an annual event which is celebrated with utmost zeal every year in order to observe the political, economic, and cultural achievements of the women all over the world. The 2017 theme – marked globally by performances is #BeBoldforchange. The day celebrates the spirit of womanhood.

Stop stereotyping us
Stop stereotyping us

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Today, we are more empowered in terms finance, choosing partners and following our dreams. Our society has come a long way. With films like Pink, Piku, Queen, Ki and Ka, our society is becoming more tolerant towards the evolving gender roles. But still, there are some cliches which are persistent in our society and trust me, we girls need to take it seriously!

Celebrate it with utmost zeal
Celebrate it with utmost zeal

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Woman of this era is bold and independent. She know what she wants, who she is and she is completely unapologetic about it. She is not perfect but she perfectly embraces her imperfections.

So, here are some myths associated with females that are not at all true. And trust me, people you really need to get over it.

    1. Every girl doesn’t like ‘Pink’. There are 12 colors and we can like any of them. Even ‘Blue’ (ideally supposed to be the color of men) could be our favorite color.
    2. All we want is, expensive gifts, accessories or flowers. No, that’s not true. These things tempt us but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk sense (Stop generalizing).
    3. We believe in healthy discussions. Every discussion with a woman is not an argument.
    4. We are capable of managing our finances. We know where to invest and when to reap its benefit.
We are capable of taking our decisions
We are capable of taking our decisions
  1. We are not emotional fools. Actually, we have higher EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Loving unconditionally takes courage and an emotional intelligence that most men are incapable of.
  2. We don’t feel shy talking about sex. It’s just we all the time don’t think about it (with on offense to anyone).
  3. Not every girl in this world runs after money. We fall for souls and once we commit, we do it from straight from our heart. (If you haven’t met any such girl, poor guy).
  4. Having babies is a choice. Most of us go for it because we believe in unconditional love. Having babies doesn’t mean compromising with our career.
  5. Women are good drivers. They follow traffic rules.
  6. Last but the least, women can do things alone. They can even raise their children alone. It doesn’t mean that they don’t require men, of course, they do. But we are no more delicate dolls. We know how to handle ourselves.

Happy Women’s Day to all the daughters, mothers, bosses, and wives whose countless contribution in our lives make us a better human being.

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Parul Srivastava

She likes to express herself through her write-ups. She doesn’t believe in doing different things but she enjoy doing things differently.
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