International Women’s Day 2019: Don’t call for the destruction


International Women’s Day 2019 Special 

Since the age of Draupadi, the fierce attribute of a woman has been tried-and-tested again and again.  March 8  marks International Women’s Day. To mark the importance of womanhood, this day is celebrated with utmost zeal all across the world. Well, a woman can be a creator and destructor both.

(International Women’s Day)

The destruction is caused whenever the woman demonstrates her  ‘kaali’ avatar. When men couldn’t find a way to protect Draupadi from ‘Chir Haran,’ then Lord Krishna came to her rescue. But it  was fierce Draupadi who call for war,  and the result, we all  know  it was – MAHABHARATA 

The time has changed but what about the place of women in our country? Are we getting all that we deserve? Well, modern women are strong headed, they know what they want from life. Things have changed but one thing which is constant is, “Fierceness of women.” She can love you like Goddess Parvati but if suppressed she can call for destruction like Kali.

Not Permitted

Bubble sought, yet protected,
NO! You ain’t allowed,
pierced, stabbing the self-conceit.
Proclaimed personas of many
EGO, EGO they call.
Li’l change of vision
you see the esteem being wounded
Hatred of me, being helpless
Still, you ain’t allowed,
it’s the self-worth of the QUEEN
not the price to bargain.
Be the real to establish
else the karma will pay.
Aborted all judgment she takes
good to the real
worst to the fake,
No tears, no agony, no wound,
But filled with abhorrence,
the words they say.
This darkness, all the glittery eyes
won’t terrify the bit of her.
She is the tigress of her age,
Can engulf the world, it roared again,

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International Women’s Day is a day or a ritual we need to follow?

We see women playing multiple roles in their daily life. We see her humble, mild, and easy going in life towards everyone. Just a disclaimer, she has an emotion of anger too. When it comes to her family and her self-respect she can fight like a warrior making every battle, a war-ground.
On this occasion of International Women’s day, we tend to show all kinds of respect to women but why this occasion is required? Respect, value, equal opportunities and so on, do we require a special day to serve these basics to women? Let us balance it better and try not to call for destruction.

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