International Women’s Day 2019: Boss girls who are truly an inspiration

International Women Day 2019

International Women’s Day 2019 Special 

Not only empower women but everyone, to make the balance!

Can you imagine a life without your mother, wife or sister? You will miss a major part of your life. From ages, we have been listening about the restrictions that are put on women and the things which cannot be done according to ‘mankind’. International Women’s Day 2019 is around the corner. In that case, let us take a look at the boss girls who are truly an inspiration.

As Mother Mary said, ‘Women in time to come will do great things’. She said this ages before and it seems like people have been getting it wrong since then. No matter how hard women work, they are always put under the pressure that being a woman they can never become the supreme.

Future is going to be beautiful only if we start working together. The main element required for the growth is unity by which we mean the end of discrimination.  The theme of this International Women’s Day is ‘Balance for Better’, which represents gender-balanced boardroom, gender-balance in wealth, gender-balance at the workplace, a gender-balance government which is very important for the development of any community.

Ever heard a story in which a person brings change to a very large extent? The answer will be No. The work of bringing change to a larger extent can be done collectively. It’s not just a matter of feminist or a single organization but everyone has to take part in it. As a woman, you always have to support another woman. If you undergoing through an adverse situation and have from people you expect can give you the strength of fighting the odd.

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Here is a list of powerful women who inspires us every day 

P V Sindhu 

 International Badminton Player, Pusarla Ventaka Sindhu was born on July 5, 1995. Her inspiration was Pullela Gopichand but her parents were volleyball players. Her father received the Arjuna Award for the contribution he made into sports. She started playing badminton from the age of eight and later joined Putella Gopichand’s badminton academy and won many titles there. She was the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in Olympic. It was her passion and determination which made her stand where she is now.

Priyanka Chopra 

Proving the fact wrong, that Bollywood’s one and only purpose is showing fun! Born in the year 1982, Priyanka is making it big every day. Her father was in the army which forced her to change many cities. She has been awarded many awards but the important ones are National Award for her role in Fashion, 2008 and also received Padma Shree by the Government of India.

 Angela Merkel 

She became the first female chancellor of Germany in 2005, and currently, she is serving her fourth term. She is known for her leadership skills. She remains the de facto leader of Europe, leading the region’s largest economy after steering Germany through financial crisis and back to growth.


Women are the reason behind the important developments of the world and if a woman can do to this extent after facing such odd situations just imagine how much more they are capable of if we start supporting each and all. Let’s balance the respect, time, and importance given to every gender and do the #BalanceForBetter.

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