What Women want – Intl Women’s Day

What Women want – Intl Women’s Day

As the world celebrates Women’s day today, we, at One World News, bring to you the feelings, the expectations and the perspective that women around the world have for this day. India has declared 2015 as the Women Empowerment year and to find out what women feel when it comes to empowering them, we spoke to women who have stepped out from their comfort zone and with their dedication and focused vision, have made this world a better place. So, let’s find out what women really want!

Padma Vibhushan, Sonal Mansingh:

Sonal Mansingh

It may be more appropriate to designate one day annually as International Day for Men. Why should women not allot such a day to make men realise their duties & responsibilities? Otherwise, where is Equality? I celebrate everyday as My Day! Women must have self-esteem and their Role in Swachch Bharat Mission has to be strong, positive & meaningful.


Shilpa Shukla, Actress:

Shilpa Shukla

The key to empowerment for women in my mind is holding a level of self esteem, being patient and empathetic towards the society . Women are powerful agents of change. And it’s most important now than before to regard yourself as precious and be careful of projections made about you. Key to empowerment would be to stop blaming men or others for our situation and take charge and become the change that we want to see by means of compassion and non-violence.


Kalka Koechlin, Actress:

Kalki Koechlin

I hope we get to a day where we do not have to celebrate a women’s day. The mere fact that we have a women’s day shows that there is a lot to be done, BUT hang in there girls, because things are going to get better and better.


Ruhi Singh, Miss Universal Peace and Humanity and upcoming actress:

Ruhi Singh

Just follow your dreams and do whatever you want to. Don’t give up and don’t let anyone else make decisions for you and tell what’s right for you. Make your decisions, make your mistakes, learn from them and enjoy the journey, it’s your life- just live it.


Parvathy Omanakuttan, Miss India and Runner-up of Miss World 2008:

Well, I am a feminist at heart and I don’t believe in a specific day for women to be celebrated because we all exist in this world thanks to women. The only ones who has the capacity and capability of bringing a life-form on this earth. That’s a beautiful gift given to us. So, everyday has to be celebrated and women have to be celebrated and respected throughout the year.


Vidhi Acharya, Producer:

Vidhi Acharya

I believe the existence of women should be celebrated in a grand way. I celebrate women’s day with all the people who made my existence worth as a woman. My mother has hearing and speaking disability but the way she has raised us — we never felt there is something missing. She conveyed her love towards us not in words but in her sweet little gestures and compassion. Later in life, when I got married my mother-in- law supported me and taught me how to handle married life. I have learnt how to raise a kid from both of them. They have been an inspiration to me.


And then the youngest woman who inspires me is my daughter Soundarya who is just 14 years old. When I was debuting as a producer with HEY BRO, she became a source of courage and confidence. All of them inspired me in some way or the other. Last but not the least, my husband Ganesh Acharya has been the one who told me that my world is not confined within the boundaries of my home rather introduced me to the bigger world where I can be an inspiration to other women as well. I would like to wish all the women a very Happy Women’s Day.


Ekta Tiwari, Actress:

Ekta Tiwari

As far as women empowerment year is concerned, year is new, government is new, thought process is new, so hoping for much more positive changes but when it comes to celebrating women’s day- just a single day out of 365 days is of course not correct but still it gives immense pleasure, when people treat you like a princess and express their appreciation for being so warm, helping, loving & supportive in every situation of life. I am going to celebrate women’s day by work more by putting in extra efforts and create stronger environment around.


Sarika Gupta Bhattacharya, Co-Founder, Biz Diva:

Sarika Gupta Bhattacharya

Honestly, I really want to rub off such a day from our calendar. So, our goal is to create a platform, where not only women feel empowered but also men, because at the end of the day whatever we do wherever we work, we have to engage them instead of alienating them. We have to engage men in gender diversity issues and other concern and work towards making them understand and in sensitising them.


Ranjana Deopa, Co-Founder Biz Diva:

Ranjana Deopa

When it comes to women’s day, we get a lot of requests from corporate/clients to be moral speakers and what not, the day becomes like a tokenism that just because its women’s day, you want someone who is motivating but what you are doing entire year? We shouldn’t look forward to a day to inspire or motivate anyone rather it should be done every day. Unless, we talk or showcase people the power of a woman who is leading apart from the ones who are in media, it is just like one of those things you do just for the sake of it. I don’t believe in such things.


Sonia B Punhani, Founder of Be Aspire:

Sonia Bajera

Three E’s that can work with women- Educate, Equip yourself with right tools and information and empower, and very importantly- believe in yourself and be proud about yourself because usually we see home-makers feeling low about themselves but you are doing a lot for your family and you have been chosen to do so by god.


Dr. Namita Aggarwal, Pilate Trainer:

We have to understand that we can do anything. We underestimate ourselves and hide our potentials and ignore ourselves. We have to gear up and be confident about ourselves. You can make a change only when you break the covering around you and do what you love and what your inner-self asks you to do.


Gayatri Bhartiya, Healer

Gayatri Bhartiya

I don’t know about this year but education and financial independence will certainly empower women. It’s nice to celebrate and honour women, but each day for me is women’s day because every woman is a multitasker unlike men.


Renuka Sondhi Gulati, Artist

Renuka Sondhi Gulati

I think women have to educate themselves in true sense to understand the difference between what is right and wrong. Empowerment does not mean misuse your rights but standing by what is right. Indian government and laws has made women strong enough to protect oneself by law. And education in true sense can help us to have good citizens for our country.


Aruna Tiwari, Artist-

Aruna Tiwari

By Supporting their independence in dressing up and moving around the way they like and encouraging them to build self esteem and confidence will truly empower women this year. Women’s day refers to a way of expressing gratitude to the women by the entire humanity.I will celebrate women’s day by educating at least one woman about her rights and how to protect herself from victimization and exploitation.


Lt Rita Gangwani, Peronality Groomer

Rita Gangwani

The saying goes that “Behind every successful Man there is a woman”. Every woman should feel proud celebrate woman’s day, as this is a day when she is brought out to the FRONT STAGE from BEHIND THE CURTAINS. This is the day to celebrate her existence as an invisible power behind humanity, and her struggle for recognition everywhere. International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to highlight the continued challenges faced by women and girls across the world.


A lot has been done to empower woman, but in my opinion, complete empowerment will happen the day she is allowed to stand up and voice her opinion as an individual, the day when she can speak for herself and I look forward to that dawn. My best wishes and salute to all the women on this special day.


Dj Kamya


Honestly, I feel every day is women’s day. And, to celebrate women’s day both men and women need to know why it is celebrated. It is a day, which signifies the struggle of a woman for equality around the world. It should be celebrated by making it an “off work” day for every woman. Activities like free eat out everywhere, free medical tests should be done etc. This will be more beneficial to house wives, cleaners, cooks, who belong to the middle class or poor segment of society or are old.


Events featuring women artist should be held specially and women politician should be present there to witness it, an event, where women can discuss their mindset and problems, with the leaders.


EMPOWERMENT STARTS FROM HOME FIRST – Little girls should be sent to school. Government should make it compulsory for every girl to study, girls should be taught about individuality, should be given freedom to make their own choices whether its career or marrying or not marrying. Women should be taught to raise their voices against injustice towards them. We Indians need to have a broader mindset for women. They are no less than the other gender. Families and people need to change their thinking. They need to know that a girl is as capable as a guy and a beti (daughter) can take care of her family just like a beta (son) can. They are not meant to be ‘only married and produce kids’.


As for the country, for women empowerment, my appeal is for death execution of the rapists and nothing less. The punishment for eve teasers and rapists should be instant and not keep hanging for ages. This will bring fear among those who dare such hideous crimes.


A woman can feel “INDEPENDENT” only if she feels “SAFE”. Also, free Relevant vocational training programmes for underprivileged women should actually be taken seriously and providing them employment as well.


Gunjan Gaur, Executive Director, Alps Cosmetic Clinic


I don’t understand why do we celebrate woman’s Day? What happens on other days? Well, still if u wish that we all should speak high on empowering the womanhood, let me add-I would rather say that now we should take a pledge to grow our kids better. Why only educate woman about how to walk, sit, talk and wear clothes. Educate our boys too, on how to respect and look at women?


It’s our turn to give it back; we need to ask for equality because we, as mothers, start this inequality from our house. How many girlfriends you have, you always ask you son. Have you ever dared to ask, your daughter about how many boyfriends she has? No, if you don’t teach respect to your kids, we will be taking off woman’s right and equality for ages again.


So get up, create a world for humans. No men or women’s day, just a day for humans together. Train your younger generation to respect each other that will automatically lead to a powerful nation. Let all days be our days and let every woman be equally beautiful and powerful.


DJ Barkha Kaul


I think celebrating this day is of prime importance. We end up celebrating so many meaningless days, so, international women’s day has immense substance. Women, whether working or non working, go through a lot in life than men; they actually lay the foundation of a family. Nowadays, women are achieving great heights in all fields. They are definitely a cut above the rest. Still in this male dominated society, if something can empower them, it is proper education and freedom to voice their opinion. Good education actually gives a lot of courage and strength to deal with things in society. I think every woman should be independent and have a standalone spirit that I am proud to be a woman and I would shout to every woman to go all out and achieve their dreams.


Dr Seema Midha, Tarot Reader

Seema Midha

A woman is like a tree, that only gives and never asks back but now it’s time that this should be changed. If the tree doesn’t get water it won’t be able to survive, so every woman out there, make yourself independent so that you can give as much to the world . Believe and love yourself.


Divya Gurware, Editor, Bridal Asia

Divya Gurware

I feel every day is Women’s Day as the world is incomplete without women. To mark a day as the “empowerment day” for women, is something that conveys a sense that on other days we are unequal or that we are second grade citizens of this world, and I don’t agree with that. In today’s world a woman is at par with a man and the society won’t function if either gender is relegated to the back seat. It’s imperative that men and women work shoulder to shoulder to raise a responsible and accountable generation.


Vandana Vadhera, Singer


I think every day is meant to empower women. . But dedicating one specific day is an ode to ladies; justified. What would really empower women is the freedom to speak their mind. I have experienced personally, male chauvinist’s in India never like a woman with her own mind.


Varija Bajaj Fashion designer

Varija Bajaj

Even though every moment should be a moment of celebration for womanhood, women’s day re-emphasizes the need to establish a woman’s position in the society. Women empowerment is as simple as installing the confidence in a woman to be comfortable in her own skin. It is also establishing to the world that we exist in our own right too, apart from just being a mere support system.


Pooja Bedi, Actress


History shows that women world over have been victims of misogynistic and patriarchal mindsets and cultures. This perpetuates till date. Celebrating women’s day brings an awareness of her plight; her rights, her value, her potential and her individuality.


To empower women we need to educate them not just academically but also give them an awareness of their legal rights. And most importantly we need efficient policing, strong legislations and a swift judiciary to guarantee them those rights.


Shibani Kashyap, Singer


I believe women are the force in every way and we should celebrate Women’s day every day! Two lines to describe my feeling about women empowerment “EXCITEMENT BHARA MERA AAJ HAI SaR PE KhUSHIYON KA TAJ HAI.”( Today is full of excitement and I feel the crown’s on my head!)


Tinu Verghis, Sculptor, and ex-model


Empowerment for women depends on location, social and financial status, cultural connotations, traditional implications, and age. Empowerment starts with compulsory education. If a woman is educated she has the choice to be financially independent thus tackling poverty, and this in turn leads to self preservation and maintenance of good health. Maternal health care in India needs to be addressed.


Mudra, model


“A woman is one of the most beautiful creations of GOD, showering her respect as a daughter, caring as a sister, and giving warmth as a mother and as a friend. Why did God create man first, before creating a woman because it’s always good to make a rough draft before making a MASTERPIECE? ‘Happy Women’s Day’


Tara Maniar, Spiritual Life Coach


International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the essence of the divine feminine qualities that is within each of us and address the inequities and violence women are facing worldwide. For world peace, we need to honor and respect both the feminine and masculine powers to achieve that Shiva / Shakti union to experience the Oneness and interconnection of all of the creation.

About empowering women, wherever women are honored and respected there is prosperity, success and growth. When girls and women are respected and honored at home, they respect and honor themselves and there is happiness, love, laughter and peace in the home, community and nation.


Anu P.D

What Women want - Intl Women’s Day - one world news

Anu P. D: I wish it was an ideal world! One in which every woman was fêted everyday Just yesterday I watched a documentary on the Secret World of Child Brides– ways in which to empower girls and women– and the one major factor that could spell doom for this malpractice and many others is Educating the girl-child. Let every woman take it upon herself to better another’s life!


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