Interesting Tea Facts



Here some of the less commonly known facts about tea.

• First book about tea was written in 800 A.D. by Lu Yu.
• Tea appeared in Europe for the first time and Portuguese Jesuit Father Jasper de Cruz is credited for introducing tea in 1560.
• Around 98 percent of tea drinkers take it with milk and merely 30 percent add sugar to it.
• ‘Around 96 percent of all cups of tea drunk daily in the UK are brewed from tea bags.’
• Besides tourism tea is the largest industrial activity in India.
• Tea stand as the second highly consumed beverage in the world falling second to water.
• Camellia sinensis is the source of green tea, black tea, oolong tea, puer tea and white tea.
• Sri Lanka specializes in the production of black tea.
• The different kinds of tea are due to the differences in the processing methods.


Interesting Tea Facts

Oneworldnews hopes that these tea facts must have added to your knowledge besides the flavor and taste of your favorite cup of tea.




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