Interesting! 7 Foods that You Can Eat as much as You Want

7 Diet Foods that You Can Eat as much You Can

Be honest with yourself, that it’s hard to resist carving for tasty foods when you are health conscious or a gym freak. If you are a foodie, you always feel hungry and all the time you want something to eat. It’s almost impossible to fight the temptation to grab something unhealthy. However, there are some foods that you can eat without risk of gaining weight.

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Here are some foods that you can eat as much as you can:-

    • Egg Whites: It contains only 17 calories. It is even useful for those who follow a strict diet and health conscious. Scientists found that eggs keep you full for longer periods than foods that contain more carbs.
    • Cucumbers: It only contains 16 calories per serving, a fruit that is mostly made up of water (97%). The seeds and skin contain most of the fruit’s nutritional value, so you are the best of not peeling your cucumbers. Eating fresh cucumbers can hydrate your body, normalize metabolism, and moisturize your skin. It is known to be good for your eyes.
    • Broccoli: It contains 31 calories. Broccoli is most nutritious when eaten raw or when steamed. Besides vitamins A, C, E, and K, one serving of steamed broccoli contains approximately 20% of your daily fiber requirement. This super vegetable contains sulforaphane, an anticarcinogen that works to destroy cancer-causing chemicals that the body might take in either through the environment or through food.
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  • Oranges: It contains 80 Calories. Most people know oranges for their vitamin C content but it is crucial in collagen production, oranges helps to keep skin free of damage. It contains a lot of fiber.
  • Grapefruit: It contains 50 calories in one half of a grapefruit. The vitamin C found in grapefruit can reduce the risk of a number of health problems, like cancer and heart issues. Studies have shown that adding grapefruit to your diet can increase weight loss, which is often why it’s considered a diet food.
  • Popcorn: Plain popcorn contains only 32 calories per 3.5 ounces. One cup of popcorn won’t ever affect your body. This “movie snack” mostly consists of air, and you can enjoy eating it without fear of gaining extra weight or extra calories. It should not be too sweet or caramelized.
  • Salad: It contains A and C vitamins folic acid and iron 10 to 20 calories. Adding salad and veg leaves in your diet can help you to get rid of stress and can calm down and improve your sleep. Mind it that you shouldn’t eat only salad and raw vegetables as a strict diet always because it could more harm than good.

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