Interest VS Investment: Pick a job you love to do!

Choose a job for you as per your interest not as per your investment

Job is a crucial part of everyone’s life. Maybe it is a degree program or the dead-end job that you refuse to give up. At a point of life we continue to do a job just because we are committed to it. Many of us decide to take a job just because it is a good use of our training. When we invest time and money in getting a degree, we expect that we should use it. Maybe you hate your job, but you have to do that just because you invested in a course to study it. You may feel trapped by the decisions you made before, but you don’t have to be.

Pursue your passion

Do what you love to do!

Always do a work that you love to do, not because of any external pressure. When you are trying to figure out how to decide on a career, it is easy to be influenced by the types of work and training you have already undertaken. In general, you get a degree or training in a field that interests you, and this leads you to a job in that field.

If you should ever decide to leave your job, there is a high probability that you will look for work in the same field with similar pay and responsibilities. This how people are forced to do a jobs that they hate to do. People are always forced to maintain their status.

Do not feel guilty just because of the amount you spend on the course

If you are wondering how to decide on a career, and you take a job solely because it makes use of your years of training, then you might be worrying more about sunk costs than your future happiness and success. Refusing to leave a career that is unfulfilling could be a sign that you are caught in the job investment trap.

So, built a career on the basis of your choice not because of the money you spent on studying the course. Just because you took a particular course of study in school does not mean that you are bound to that discipline for the rest of your life. If you are passionate about your work, then it won’t feel like a burden.

All matters is your experience not your degree. We are not saying that degree doesn’t matter. It matters but not more than your experience.

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