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How Fake Instagram accounts are scamming people? All details you need to know 

Signing up for Netflix at a low-cost? Beware it could be a scam

Instagram is one of the most used social media used app these days. Instagram makers made it super easy for people to create an account so that people don’t go through a lengthy process. Well, guess what?  Scammers are thankful to Instagram for making an interface which allows them to create a new account in minutes. A new scam is running on Instagram where scammers create new accounts and sell Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Spotify, Zee5 and other premium services at a  low cost. Sometimes, they send back the credentials (email IDs and passwords) after receiving the online payment and sometimes they do not.

Due to the COVID-19, people are forced to stay indoors and rely on the OTT video streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar Zee5 and others for engaging and entertaining themselves. People have become habitual of these apps but because of the high cost of their service, people tend to find other ways of getting a subscription.

Netflix cost for one month is Rs 800, Amazon Prime Video’s cost for one month is Rs 129, Disney+Hotstar charges Rs 299 for one month of Premium service while Rs 399 for a year of VIP services and Zee5 charges Rs 99 for one month.

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How are they scamming?

Scammers get tons of user id and passwords from online black markets and from hackers at a very cheap price. They then try to sell these accounts via various sources by adding a little profit to the amount. Earlier, the word of mouth and friends of friend chain helped them and now they are using fake Instagram accounts to sell the obtained credentials of premiums services of various OTT services.

Some of these scammers sell these accounts for as low as Rs 30. Here are some of the screenshots of the advertisements they post on these fake Insta accounts.

instagram scams for subscription

Process of black market explained!

Scammers posts about the prices as shown earlier. People contact them by using the DM (direct message) feature. Scammers send the UPI ID or Paytm number on which payment can be done.  Once they receive the payment, they send the username and password. However, sometimes scammers do double-scam by not sending credentials even after receiving the payment. They immediately delete the Insta account once they receive payment to avoid any conflict. Also, sometimes the scammers give credentials of those accounts which are stolen and therefore being used by the original owner.

Scammers keep creating new accounts to lure people with attractive prices of the premium accounts. We found more than dozens of fake accounts doing black marketing of premium accounts.

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