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Instagram posts Ideas for Business Owners

Tips for Business Owners: How to develop Instagram Posts for better reach?

There’s no doubt that business owners should establish a presence on Instagram. You sign up for an account and set up your profile, but then you face a barrier: what should you post exactly? If you ask this question to yourself, fortunately, you’re not alone.

Generating a constant content stream may be a challenge on Instagram and IGTV, particularly since Buffer’s research recommends that you publish at least 1.5 times each day (or three times over a two-day period).

This post discusses a few Instagram post ideas for business owners. These ideas and examples can help you customize your posts for promoting your business on Instagram. We’ll also look at how to establish a plan to revitalize your Instagram approach and even think about how you may earn money on Instagram via the promotion of your products & services.



8 Innovative Instagram Post Ideas for Business Marketing

1. Product Demonstration Posts

Photos and videos of your goods will probably be one of the simplest (and most anticipated) areas to start Instagram. Naturally, sharing content in all its splendor can assist you to increase sales and advertise your business on Instagram.

However, these product postings must be correctly executed to prevent spamming your followers. You need rich and intriguing captions for your posts rather than simply the product name and a few hashtags. The good news, though, is that you can deploy several post Ideas on Instagram to keep your posts relevant and on-point with your audience.

You may instead try using the post as a way for product placement, explaining features and advantages, or emphasizing what makes it unique.

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2. Behind the Scene Posts

Followers appreciate stuff that goes on behind the scenes in your business. It provides openness that makes it possible for supporters to feel like they know the “facts” behind the brand. This creates confidence and offers a pleasant shift of pace after a flood of product pictures.

An additional wonderful bonus? The material behind the scenes does not have to be almost as polished as some of your other pictures. As a result, some choose to keep behind-the-scenes stuff entirely in the background of their stories.

3. Live Videos

Live videos are another kind of post that may help you rapidly establish client contacts. It seems genuine and users may talk to you in real time (followers will get notified when you go live).

You may answer queries, provide information behind the scenes, or highlight new products or services. After that, you may publish the live video in your stories and provide your followers extra content with a lot of social evidence relating to your business.

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4. Reposting User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is the most convincing stuff you can utilize that your followers will like seeing on Instagram. It demonstrates that you are committed to your community which may, at the same time help you acquire your follower’s goodwill and more UGC.

UGC may be simply posted on your Instagram profile to promote your business in a subtle yet very efficient manner.

5. Run Contests & Giveaways

Do you want to build quick engagement and hype for your brand? Contests and donations are the way forward! The contests encourage people to speak about your business and frequently provide significant social evidence or user-generated material, if not all of it at once.

To get the greatest results, give a reward that is most appropriate to your target group, even if the public is not so interested in an award after all. After all, someone would remark on the free iPhone, but it’s more essential that those who can really become consumers become involved and enter in the giveaway.

6. Partner with Influencers

To assist you in rapidly attaining reputation and attention for your business on Instagram, influencer marketing is a smart method to go. Hundreds of thousands of followers are not needed to have big names. Actually, in most instances, it is preferable for businesses on Instagram to target smaller micro-influencers.

These influencers may have just tens of thousands of followers, yet their audience will believe them. They will also be more receptive to collaborating with small enterprises and charge minuscule amounts for their services.

7. Host Q&A Sessions

If you are searching for another method to provide your followers value a question-and-answer session just cannot go wrong. Answering consumer inquiries on Instagram encourages more people to follow you (particularly if you are given an opportunity to answer your questions).

You may have queries expressed in a text-based picture with a query and a reply. Remember that Instagram captions have a character restriction of 2,200 characters, so, if you want, you may fit some text into your post.

Instagram has even issued a question sticker to ask the audience for responses and submit your answer as a picture or video.

8. Post Video Tutorials

Video lessons have the unique benefit of being useful and operational for your target audience instantly. Even a 30-second video will teach you how to use, look after, or set your product.

Your consumers will be pleased to view the content, and you may be able to generate purchases if you can demonstrate how simple your goods are to use or how valuable they are.


Finally, you publish material to acquire more Instagram followers and increase brand awareness, but it’s essential not to lose posting quality for more exposure. Your aim should be to maintain your brand image on the platform and to make your content and individual messages interesting.

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